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He broke the color line of Baseball and was really good at it

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Q: What made jackie robinson so famous?
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What was Jackie Robinson's famous quotelop?

white and some black are mean to me so

What did Jackie Robinson do to become so famous?

His number one accomplishment for which he was famous was in breaking the racial barrier in baseball.

Why is Jackie Robinson so famous besides playing baseball?

Jackie Robinson is a famous baseball player because he was the first african-american to ever play on a major league team. I hope that answers your question.

What do you feel made Jackie Robinson so special?

Jackie Robinson was the first African American to play in Major League Baseball (MLB). He played baseball for the Dodgers.

How did Jackie Robinson get in the major leagues?

Jackie Robinson played EXTREMELY well, so the owner of the Dodgers accepted Jackie to be on his team.

Why is Jackie Robinson so famous?

Because he was the 1st African American to play in the MLB (Major League Baseball)

What was the the most famous baseball game ever?

All i know is that Jackie Robinson is famous for baseball and so is Babe Ruth A.K.A Baby Ruthy.

Why is Jackie Robinson courageous?

The reason why jackie robinson is courageous its because his mom and dad where both cute so thats why the person is so handsome

Why is Jackie Robinson couragous?

The reason why Jackie Robinson is courageous its because his mom and dad where both cute so thats why the person is so handsome

What age did Jackie Robinson marry?

Jackie Robinson got married in 1946 so he was 27.

What goals did Jackie Robinson have?

Jackie wanted for blacks and whites and asians and reds and so on to be equal

How old would Jackie Robinson be if he were alive today?

Jackie Robinson was born 01/31/1919, so he would be 98 years old.

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