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well I'm in level 2 and i cant't do a straddle split hand stand. So you should probably be in 2 or 3.

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Q: What level gymnastics would someone be in who can do a backbend almost kick over roundoff cartwheel straddle splits handstand?
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What is a cartwheel that you land with both feet called?

It is called a roundoff.

What is a rounders?

Nothing- but a roundoff is a cartwheel that lands on two feet

What is the name for an aerial round off in gymnastics?

It's like a cartwheel, but you land facing the way you came from, with both feet together.

What is a gymnastic rounder?

Nothing- but a roundoff is a cartwheel that lands on two feet

What are all of the gymnastics moves?

There are many,many moves in gymnastics,more advanced ones and easier basic ones. there are also categories each fall in.

What is it called when you land on 2 feet after doing a cartwheel?

I've always heard it called a roundoff.

What is a gymnastics trick that starts with the letter a?

Elbow Stand

what is a pib-it turn?

a pib-it turn is a roundoff but doing it forwards. level one gymnastics.

How do you roundoff?

Start off with a cartwheel but when your legs are in mid air put them together and come down with your feet together and end with a little jump.

How do you do a roundoff?

To be able to perform a roundoff it is necessary to be able to do a cartwheel. Next practice a cartwheel from a hurdle step, which means to use a small run and a hop into the "lunge" with one leg forward so the added speed makes the cartwheel rotate faster. The next step is to do a "push away" or 'snap down" cartwheel from the hurdle. The idea is to push off the ground with the arms so that the entire body is off the ground momentarily before the first foot touches the ground. Once a student can do this particular type of cartwheel then turning it into a roundoff is only a matter of finishing the cartwheel with the feet together. The hurdle, and snap down add enough extra time to bring the legs together and make the roundoff possible. A pointer on how to place the hands: Try to consistently place the hands on the ground one at a time and more or less in a straight line. If the fingers are pointed in the direction of where the skill began, this way it is possible for the gymnast to push from the hands as well as the arms, which makes a good amount of difference. Good luck.

Who was the first person to do a roundoff backhandspring?

10 *update* The record for the most handstand pushups without support is now 32. It's on YouTube.

How do you perform a Front flip?

really, its just a somersault in the air, or a front roll. try it out on a trampoline first, and be sure to tuck your knees into your chest and hold them there with your hands. it will taka awhile, but once you get it, its like a cartwheel or roundoff. really easy to remember. once your extra confident, try it on a mat or a springy floor in a logal gymnastics place.