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Q: What level did nadia comaneci start gymnastics?
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What year did Nadia Comaneci start competing in gymnastics?


Why did Nadia Comaneci start gymnastics?

Bela Karolyi saw her doing cartwheels and such in her schoolyard when she was six, so he recruited her to come join his gym because he thought she had potential.

What level belt do you have to be in in gymnastics to go to competions?

there is no belt needed for gymnastics competitions. Most gyms let their gymnast start competeing at level 3. But rarelyy there is level 1 and 2 availabe

What level of gymnastics do you start competitions?

You can start in level 1 doing local competitions, when you get to higher levels you can do bigger competitions around the country and internationally.

Can you get in to gymnastics?

Anybody can start gymnastics!

Is it ok to start gymnastics at the age of 13?

Yes it is you can start gymnastics at 20

How old do you have to be to compete in gymnastics?

You have to be 6 years old to start competing level 4. You have to be 16 to compete in the Olympics.

You began gymnastics when you were 4 years old but you quit when you were 10 at level 4 and you are now 15 and want to go back to gymnastics Should you and How much more could you improve?

I think that if you want to go back you should!! You would probably start in level four and by the time high school is out you could be a level seven which is optional gymnastics :)

When did nastia liukin start gymnastics?

When she was 3 she started Gymnastics.

What country did gymnastics first start?

Gymnastics started in Greece

How did gymnastics start and who or where did it start?


Where did gymnastics start at?


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