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There is no set length as it needs to be relative to your height.

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2009-08-18 20:42:33
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Q: What length should the golf club driver shaft be on a driver?
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What length should the golf club driver shaft be on a driver for a male who is 5 fooot 8 inches tall?

The longer the shaft on your driver is - the further you will hit it. 5'8'' isn't overly short, so I would recommend standard length is ideal. However, if you want to take an inch off you could - this will give you more control too.

What is more important in a golf club the shaft or club head?

Great question. If you are referring to a driver them the shaft is as important as the club head. You need to marry a shaft with the correct flex, kick point and also a driver head with a good loft for you or you will be very inconsistent and not get the best distance or flight that you should.

Trimming instructions for tip of a golf shaft?

You should simply mark the desired length, and then using a rotating saw and being careful you should cut just below the marked line. You should then use a sander to smooth off the shaft to the correct length, and then you are ready to put your shaft into your club.

How do you shorten the shaft length of a golf club?

You take the grip and tape off the club, then you either use a circular saw blade to trim the shaft or use a specialist shaft cutter to take off the desired length. Then just regrip the club as normal.

How do you increase the shaft length of a golf club?

have one custom made

What is the best golf club for youth?

a club with an appropriate shaft flex and length for the size and strength of the youth.

The outer finish 3 inch section on my golf club shaft is peeling off. Its a graphite shaft Wilson Fireball Graphite Driver. What type of glue should I use to fix it.?


What is the length of a golf club?

Depends on the Club. Lower number clubs have a longer shaft, and a more vertical face.

How long should a shaft be for an adult using a ram 4 v force golf club?

Correct shaft length depends on the height of the individual. It must be at least 18 inches and up to 48 inches in length, though a putter can be longer.

Does the length of a golf club affect the distance you can hit the ball Web?

Yes. It's simple physics, to an extent, the further the force is applied away from the pivot (the hands) the more force is generated. The maximum length of a golf club is 48 inches. It does depend which loft is on the club. Consider two identical drivers, one with a 44 inch shaft and one with a 48 inch shaft, the 48 inch driver would hit the ball father.

A golf club with a wide head and a long shaft used for making long shots from the tee?

Driver or Drivers

For all you golfers how do you cure an iron hook and a driver slice - my irons all tend to go left while 3-wood and driver go right - I suspect shaft length but how do you modify your swing to fix it?

your iron heads are closed at impact. this means the face of the club is pointing to the left of your swing plane (or target line). the face of your driver and 3-wood is open at impact. this means the face of the club is pointing to the right of your swing plane (or target line). and yes, shaft length could be a factor. you are getting some rollover on your iron shots while with the driver, you are out in front and the club head does not catch up and turn over due to length. try slowing down your swing with the driver and 3-wood and try swinging a little harder on your iron shots to see what happens.

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