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by having a volley ball a net and teams

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Q: What are the equipments of a volleyball?
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What are those equipments of volleyball?

net & ball

What are the equipments use in volleyball?

just knee pads

What are the uses of equipments in volleyball?

volleyball net antena court with deminsions team- 6 players each uniforms. . . . . .ect.

Equipments in volley ball?

(volleyball) sport shoesuniformsapparelknee pad coverssocksnetVolleyball ( the ball)

What are the equipments of the volleyball?

ball, net, tennis shoes, knee pads, and wrist protector

What is the equipment and facilities used in the game of volleyball?

AnswerTHE EQUIPMENTS OF VOLLEYBALLa volleyball volleyball court netantennaknee padsvolleyball cartpost paddingvolleyball shoeswrist supporthand supportthigh supportIce/heat packsshoulder padselbow padsback supportankle support

Equipments in volleyball?

If you want to know what the equipment is for you a Ball, Kneepads, A net, Some other people, and tall socks, and clean shoes

What are the equipments of volleyball?

In volleyball, if you are playing a real game, you need:A netAn antennaA volleyballPoles to hold up the netA courtPads to go over the polesIf you are just playing for fun, then all you need is a ball.

What are the different kinds of equipments used in playing volleyball?

There are a number of different kinds of equipment used in playing volleyball. You need a net, a ball, players, and usually some sort of protective gear for the wrists and knees.

The equipments needed for volleyball?

you pretty much only need a net and a ball to play volleyball. If you want to get more in-depth you would need knee pads, a referee and 12 players to play a traditional 6 on 6 game

Where is volleyball most popular in the world?

Volleyball originated from the United States where it was originated. As well as Russia, China, Japan and all over Europe. This sport is quit popular in high school in many countries because it does not require specialized equipments.

Equipments in playing volleyball?

Volleyball is a game where there are 9 players in both the teams. Three are substitutes as in case a player is injured, the substitutes can continue the game without any break. Volleyball needs a volley ball, and net.The net should be above 4ft. Th game volleyball is started by a service in the begining. There are many rules in it. Prachi Sinha VIII-A PHSS, Ahmedabad India

What are the front office equipments and facilities?

front office equipments

What are Table tennis facilities and equipments?

facilities & equipments of table tennis

How do you say volleyball in German?

der Volleyball= volleyball Volleyball spielen= to play volleyball

What are the electronic equipments used in multiplexes?

describe various electronic equipments used in multiplexes describe various electronic equipments used in multiplexes

What was volleyball called before volleyball?


What is the difference between modern and ancient equipments in cricket?

The shapes of equipments are now fixed

Volleyball at the Olympics?

Yes, there is volleyball at the Olympics but it is only beach volleyball.

What is difference between Mini volleyball and volleyball?

A mini volleyball small and a volleyball is much bigger

What is a volleyball court?

A volleyball court is a court where you play volleyball.

What are the two types of the volleyball?

indoor volleyball and beach volleyball

What are the equitments in volleyball?

Kneepads,shorts,volleyball,volleyball net

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There are many equipments that are used for mining. These are crusher equipments, screening equipment, rock crushers and conveying equipments. I found a company which supplies Anaconda and Sandvik equipments. Just visit the website for more information.

What is the radius of a volleyball?

well it depends on what kind of volleyball you have. an outdoor volleyball is bigger than an indoor volleyball