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Kindness and caring

Passion for teaching.

Enjoys swimming.

Easy to get along with.

Open mind.

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Q: What kinda of qualities do swimming instructors have?
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How much do swimming instructors get paid?

Usually around $10.00-$13.00 per hour.

Why do swimming instructors wear diving suits?

To keep warm, as sometimes they can be in the water for a few hours at a time and might be stationary at times.

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What swimming stroke allows the swimmer to keep head above water?

breaststoke is the most common, but some swimming instructors teach you to do front crawl with your head above water. (reason being: so you can see whats ahead of you if you have to (for example) save/help someone in the water.)

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What swimming style should you use to make your chest stronger?

the butterfly stroke cuz u have to put ur chest above the water which to me is kinda hard.

Are associate instructors faculty members?

Yes, associate instructors are indeed considered faculty members.

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