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The lakers is a Basket ball team

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Q: What kind of sport team is the lakers?
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What are the top sport team's in California?

The Lakers and the Giants.

Is Laker's is an college sport team?

Are the lakers a professional basketball team

What sport do the lakers play?

The Lakers is a professional basketball team in Los Angeles, California. The team is part of the NBA (National Basketball Association).

What is the hardest team to beat in sport?

in basketball: Lakers or Celtics Soccer: Brasil

Is the lakers the best team in the NBA?

The best team is the Lakers.

What team is better lakers or celtics?


What is the name of the players on the lakers team?

One of the players on the Lakers team is Bryant

How popular are the Lakers?

The Lakers are definitely popular, but not the most popular team. The most popular team is the Celtics, followed by the Lakers.

Was lakers a minnasota team?

From 1946 - 1959 the Lakers were known as the Minneapolis Lakers.

What team is in the NBA?

be specific.... there's LA Lakers, Miami Heat, all that kind of stuff.

Did the team the Los Angeles Lakers play as a Minnesota team?

yes the La lakers were the Minneapolis lakers before they moved to la

What sport is played in LA lakers?


What sport is the LA Lakers famous for?

BasketballThe Los Angeles Lakers are part of the NBA.

When did the Lakers team first exist?

1947 as the Minneapolis lakers

Which team has won more cups the spurs or lakers?

The lakers

Which is the better team lakers or spurs?

l.a. lakers are best

What is a good team?


What sport is played by the LA Lakers?

NBA Basketball.

What woman played for the Lakers in the 1980s?

No woman ever played for the Lakers. The Lakers are a MEN'S basketball team.

What is stronger team Orlando Magic or Los Angeles Lakers?

The Los Angeles Lakers are an overall better team.

Who is the best basketball team between Cleveland and the lakers?

The Los Angles Lakers are by far a better team, then Cleavland.

What sport do the Los Angeles Lakers play?

The Los Angeles Lakers play professional basketball for the NBA.

Who is the lakers rival team?


What team is Justin Trattou on?

Lakers! :)

Does the lakers nba team have number 34?

who is the person that is number 34 in the lakers