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sandals , flipflops , OLD shoes.......

just Wear

reebok shoes

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Q: What kind of shoes would be wrong for a marathon?
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Name a worst kind of shoes to wear in a marathon?

flip flops,crocks,and sandals are the worst shoes to ware in a marathon.

What shoes are the worst kind to run a marathon?

skating shoes are the worst kind to run a marathon.... Flip flops, pumps, heels, pretty much anything other then teniss shoes...

What kind of shoes to wear in a marathon?

wagwan fizzy

What kind of shoes would be hard to ware in a marathon?

High heels Boots Sandals Dress shoes Golf Shoes

What worst kind of shoes 2 wear in a marathon?


Name the worst kind of shoes to where at a marathon?

high heels

Name the worst kind of shoe to wear in a marathon?

For family feud 2, the worst kind of shoes to wear in a marathon are: high heals golf shoes boots sandals dress shoes

Name the worst kind of shoes to wear in a marathon?

new ones

Name worst kind of shoes to wear to a marathon?

High heels

Name the worst kind of shoes to be worn in a marathon?

clogs, heels, flip flops

What are the worst kind of shoes to run a marathon?

in my opinion, high heels

What kind of shoe would it be hard to run in a marathon?

Pretty interesting question. Ha, ha... But I would have to say: rain boots, snow shoes, and flip flops

Name the worst kind of shoes to wear in marathon?

high heel church shoe

Name the worse kind of shoe to wear in a marothan?

here is the list of what not to wear in a marathon....high heels, sandals, boots, dress shoes and golf shoes

What kind of shoe you should not wear during a marathon?

if your running a marathon then you really should only use running shoes. anything else will give you blisters or hurt your feet

Which kind of running shoes for men are the best for running a marathon?

There are a lot of different running shoes on the market at the moment, and they are all different. Your husband needs to go into a sports shop and speak to a sales assistant who can advise him on what shoes would be best for him. By going into an actual shop your husband will be able to test the comfort, weight and grip of the shoes he likes. Also explain to the shop assistant that he is intending to run a marathon and she can give advice on the type of running shoe that will benefit your husband.

Worst kind of shoe to were in a marathon?

WORST: High heels flip flops boots golf shoes dress shoes

Worst kind of shoe to wear to a marathon?

1. High Heels 2. Sandals 3. Boots 4. Dress Shoes 5. Golf Shoes

What kind of shoes you wouldn't wear to a marathon?

High heels, hiking boots, work boots, sandals/flip-flops, riding boots, and anything else which isn't a running shoe.

Can you run a marathon with little to no training?

You should be able to jog / walk a marathon if you have no major medical problems ..... running one or finishing in any kind of decent time would require lots of training unless you are already a marathon conditioned athlete.

What kind of food would a marathon runner eat?

Protein for muscular strength and stability and carbohydrates for energy.

What kind of shoes did women wear in the 1900's?

The kind of shoes that women would wear in the 1900's were pointy shoes with thick heels. They were made mostly of leather but also incorporated lace and buttons.

What are the best Nike running shoes to buy?

Depending on what you are wanting out of your running shoes - causal jogging in the park, running a marathon, or wearing your running shoes to work out at the gym - you may want a different kind of shoe. Several of the running magazines (ex. "Runner's World") run an extensive review of new shoes that are on the market. Starting with an unbiased source like "Runner's World" or "Running Shoe Guru" would be a great place to get an idea of which shoe (by Nike, or any other brand) will fit your needs best.

What kind of shoes do ballerina's wear?

toe shoes Ballet slippers are what you would most likely start on and then when your teacher thinks your ready you can start on pointe shoes :)

What kind of shoes should you wear to slide across a wooden floor?

You would slide across the floor in socks, not shoes.