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in my opinion, high heels

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Q: What are the worst kind of shoes to run a marathon?
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What shoes are the worst kind to run a marathon?

skating shoes are the worst kind to run a marathon.... Flip flops, pumps, heels, pretty much anything other then teniss shoes...

What are the worst shoes to run a marathon in?

Well this is possibly personal preference, but I would suggest the weighted boots from an original diving suit?

How do you run a marathon?

You get off the computer, go buy a garmin and some running shoes and... GO RUN.

Are special marathon running shoes necessary for running?

Yes, running shoes are necessary to run a marathon. If you do not use running shoes you could end up injuring yourself and it could potentially injure the others around you.

Shoes not to were to a marathon?

Brand new running shoes SHOULD NOT be worn to run a marathon. 5K/10K "racing flats" should not be used to run a marathon. High heels, cowboy boots, flip-flops, sandals, clogs, etc... should not be worn as well.

What stores sell marathon running shoes?

Many of the top sporting good stores sell running shoes that would be considered good choices for a marathon. Marathon runners usually need to replace their running shoes more frequently than people who run or walk on a treadmill, for example.

What kind of shoe would it be hard to run in a marathon?

Pretty interesting question. Ha, ha... But I would have to say: rain boots, snow shoes, and flip flops

Which kind of running shoes for men are the best for running a marathon?

There are a lot of different running shoes on the market at the moment, and they are all different. Your husband needs to go into a sports shop and speak to a sales assistant who can advise him on what shoes would be best for him. By going into an actual shop your husband will be able to test the comfort, weight and grip of the shoes he likes. Also explain to the shop assistant that he is intending to run a marathon and she can give advice on the type of running shoe that will benefit your husband.

How many miles are run in a marathon?

How many miles are run in a marathon? There are 26.21875 miles in a marathon.

What is the worst kind of shoe to run in?

heels,boots,and punis

Where was the first marathon run in the US?

The Boston Marathon. It was first run in 1897.

How far do athietes run in the marathon?

Athletes in a marathon run 26 miles. Athletes in a marathon run 26 miles.

What is a full marathon?

A full marathon is the 26.2 miles that you run for example the London marathon is a full marathon

Name the worst kind of shoe to run in a marothon?

Sandals orflats

What is the worst kind of pneumonia?

The worst kind of pneumonia is the Viral type. This is where the virus has to run through your body until it ends compared to bacterial pneumonia which can be treated with antibiotics and medication.

Who is the fastest female to run the marathon?

The fastest marathon by a woman (2:15:25) was run by Paula Radcliffe in the 2003 London Marathon.

Can you run a marathon with little to no training?

You should be able to jog / walk a marathon if you have no major medical problems ..... running one or finishing in any kind of decent time would require lots of training unless you are already a marathon conditioned athlete.

When do they run the Boston Marathon?

The race is run on Patriot's Day, which is the third Monday in April. The 2008 Boston Marathon will be run April 21.

Can you run a marathon backwards?

You can't run a marathon backwards if you are running it for a reward. If you are just wanting to run it backwards so that you can, then that is fine, but you will not win.

What percentage of people ever run a marathon?

A fellow marathoner told me that 1% of people will ever run a marathon.

How long dose it take to run a marathon?

It depends how fast you run. A marathon is 26 miles and 385 yards.

Why did terry fox want to run the marathon of hope?

To show that anyone can run a marathon even if they have a bionacle leg

What do marathon runners do?

They run in a race called a marathon. A full marathon is 26 miles 385 yards (42.195 km).

Do you think that Nike athletic shoes are good shoes for running a marathon?

If you like them and have no discomfort -- do it. Nike shoes are very light. I tried these shoes as well. For me they have not enough amortization. The argumentation of Nike is that due to last researches it is irrelevant if you have this thick amortization like Addidas has e.g. and it is even better for feet to run so naturally as possible. So Nike just switched to that trend -- they have also these bare-foot shoes. Anyway, different shoes impact your run style differently. If you trained in that shoes I would keep them.

What kind of products does Foot Locker sell?

Foot Locker sells shoes. For example, athletic shoes if you like to go out and run.