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American Kenpo Karate.

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Q: What kind of karate is the best in the US?
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Whats the best karate?

There is no "best" Karate type it varys on what type you want to do. The best karate style is the one that you will study and practice.

What kind of karate does northern karate school hold?

shotokan style

Why is karate the best sport?

karate being the best sport is your OPINION, it cant be proven or given a reason why. i like karate and think it is a great sport, but you cant call it the best

What is the coolest martial art?

Karate all the way. i know i do karate and have done a couple others. karate is the best.

What kind of rituals are neeeded in karate?

There are no 'rituals' in karate. There is respect and manners, typically indicated by bowing.

Who is is best in karate?

Since "best" would be considered a opinion, their is no best. Pick who you think is the best at karate, because your opinion should be yours, and not somebody else's.

What kind of arenas is karate held in?

Although karate can be performed anywhere, it is most commonly done in a dojo.

What kind of college degree do you need to coach karate?

There is no college degree required to teach or coach karate.

What is the best karate movie?

try karate kid, it is very funny... hope i helped

What is the best karate school in NJ?

There are hundreds of karate schools in New Jersey. The one that is the best is going to be a personal decision based on what works for you and want you want to get out of it. Traditional Okinawan Karate- East West Karate Sparta NJ.

Do girls likes guys do karate?

Depends on what kind of guy it is and what kind of girl it is

What kind of dog in karate dog?

maybe a briard?

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