Who is more likely to be learning Karate?

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2009-03-18 10:54:07

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well everybody can learn karate as long as they can do it and they love it.

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2009-03-18 10:54:07
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Q: Who is more likely to be learning Karate?
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What is a interesting fact about karate?

after the release of the original karate kid a staggering 20% more youth were learning karate and were involved in the sport.

What is the age for learning karate?

from age 5 onwards, there is no maximum age for karate.

What is the use of learning karate?

defend ourself

What was the reason Chuck Norris started learning karate?

He didn't. Karate learned Chuck Norris.

Can you advance in karate if you master the skills without all the classes?

There is more to karate than just learning the skills. There is a sense of community, responsibility and patience that needs to be learned as well.

Does karate hamper the height of a toddler?

A toddler isn't really capable of learning karate. It requires knowledge and understanding, as well as good balance and muscle. Moderate exercise is good at any age and is not likely to affect their growth.

What are the skills of karate?

There are many skills to learn in karate. And I mean many! You are always learning something new!

Does learning karate makes someone short?

No, that is would learning anything make you shrink?

Is Salman khan learn karate?

Indian film actor Salman Khan is taking an interest in learning Karate.

Doing karate stagnate height of a 10 years old if she has been learning karate since she was five years old?

Karate does not affect one's height.

Will learning karate at 5 stunt growth?

Learning karate, or participating in any other sport, will not stunt someone's growth. Like all sports and physical activity of all types, there are risks associated with them.

Do you start by learning karate to be a spy?

Learning a martial art is a good start. Getting recruited to be a spy can be the real challenge.

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