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They used peach baskets.Hope I could help!

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Q: What kind of fruit basket did they use for basketball?
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What did they use for a basketball hoop?

they use a peach basket

Why do you use a ball on basketball?

In basketball you try to throw the ball into the hoop(basket) so that is why you use a ball in basketball.

What did they use for a basketball when they first started playing?

They used to use a soccer ball as the basketball and a peach basket as the basket the referee would have to climb up and get the soccer ball out of the basket each time someone scored.

What did we use in 1891 as a basketball rim?

A peach basket.

What did they use for a basketball when the sport was just made?

A soccer ball was used for the ball and a peach basket was used as the basket.

What word do you use to make basket a compound word?

basketball :D

What did James Naismith use for his first basketball hoop?

Naismith used a basket... There was no hole for the ball to go through, so they had to use a ladder to get the ball in the basket.

What are basketball equpiment?

ball= a rubber round ball that you use to shoot into the basket basket= a tall hole that lets the ball come through the hole net= part of the basket rim= the outside part of the basket

What is the use for basketball?

You have to dribble and shoot it. A basket ball aslso has bumpy layers too

Why was the basketball net invented?

The basketball net was invented because when they use the peach baskets the ball couldn't come through and they would have to climb up and get the basketball out of the basket.

What kind of basketball do they use in college basketball?

A Regular 1.................

Why are punnets good for raspberries?

A punnet is a shallow basket. By using shallow baskets, the tender fruit is not damaged by the weight of other fruit on top of it. Use a large deep basket, and you would have raspberry juice!

What the difference between baseball nd basketball?

If you meant baseball AND basketball... Baseball you use a bat and hit a ball and basketball you throw a ball into a basket. Your Welcome

What was the first basketball court like?

people used a peach gathering basket to use as a hoop

How do you prevent the basketball from being blocked when laying it up?

Use your body and put it between the defender and the basket. Make it so the defender has to go through you to get to the basket.

What does baskets mean in french?

a basket (to put things in) is translated "un panier" in French.The sport basketball is called "basket" or "basket-ball".The French also use "basket" to name a type of sport shoes (sneakers).

What does the French word basket mean?

Basket is not a French word, but a word borrowed from English. French people use commonly 'basket' to describe the game of basketball, or sport shoes (even the low-cut ones).

In 1891 what did Dr James Naismith first use as equipment to play basketball?

Dr James Naismith used a peach basket for the basket and for the ball was a socccer ball.

Is it legal to use feet in basketball?

Uh, Yeah. Basket-ball is about how you can use your hands. Using your feet will only get you a foul or penalty.

Did slamball originate from basketball and are most of the rules similar?

yeah, slamball originated from basketball. the rules are quite similar. But not all of the rules are the same. Slamball is where you slam the ball. Basketball is when you use a ball to get it in a basket.

Do the men and women in college basketball use the same size ball?

Women use smaller ball but same size basket

What equipment do you need to use to play basketball?

a basket ball , a net, a score board, short, a jersey , a coach and players

What kind of equipment do you use for basketball?

All you need for basketball is two teams of eight people and two basketball hoops and a basketball The cloths to use in any game like some shorts and a tanktop

What would you use to measure a basketball court millimeter or meter?

Would use metres to measure a basket ball court. 1 metre = 1000 millimetres

How Does Basketball gets its name?

Basketball gets its name, because you use the BALLto try and shoot into the BASKET. Therefore, it is called BASKETBALL.