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fruit and water dont eat junk food after or before

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Q: What kind of foods should you eat after physical activities?
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What kind of foods are good for someone with liver damage?

what foods should you not eat when you have liver damage

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What to eat when you are doing physical activities?

Anything nutricious would be great. For example, bananas, grapes, an apple, an orange, etc. That kind of food will help you with your activities. : )

What kind of foods should you eat sparingly?

Fatty, salty foods and those that contain a lot of sugar.

What kind of foods should you eat to lower you cholesterol?


What kind of diet should a male physical trainer have?

well you will need to keep a steady diet of fruit and healthy foods e.g: fish,pineapple,vegetables and bannanas i hope this helps you helpmaster

What should be true of a lifelong physical activity?

You should consider what kind of person you are while searching for a lifelong physical activity.

What kind of physical activities can you do after a knee replacement?

just about all the person kud b4 but they hav 2 b careful

What kinds of foods should be preserved?

Every kind of food should be preserved.Every food get spoil when not preserved.

What kind of foods should you avoid to lose a chubby stomach?

You should definetly avoid foods high in fat(of course) but also high in carbohydrates. They give you a bubble butt.

What kind of foods should you cut down on?

If you are trying to loose weight, then i suggest you should not eat any kind of carbs or fatty foods, such as bread, donuts, foods that are baked. Also try not to eat too much fatty bacon. It's perfectly fine once in a while! I hope i helped! -Kayla

What kind of foods did the chummash eat?

what kind of foods did the chumash eat

What kind of diet should someone with acid reflux eat?

People with acid reflux should avoid caffeine, greasy food, grains, sweets and acidic foods. Alcohol can also trigger heartburn, so it should be avoided. has a heartburn section that includes charts listing foods to be avoided, foods to eat with discretion and foods that are safe.

What kind of foods can Jews eat?

Their food should be kosher, If it is not an allowable part of the diet, it will not be kosher,

What kind of foods keep us active?

You should always eat apples and other fruits.

What activities are suitable for kindergarten students?

The best activities for kindergarten students would be some kind of exercise, either physical or mental. Even something simple as coloring or riding a bike around does wonders for a young child!

Which kind of foods are better for after taking cytotec and misoprostol?

Foods that are high in fiber and low in fats and sugars are the kinds of food that you should take after taking cytotec and misoprostol.

What kind of activities require good spirit of adventure?

Hiking and most outdoor activities, such as camping and rock climbing require both physical and mental strength. The spirit of the mind is open most while being one with nature.

Which foods should you avoid when trying to lose weight?

The kind that taste good. Eat broccoli and celery.

What kind of food should you eat before sporting events?

long, warm, hairy and sticky foods

What kind of foods should people with gout avoid - how about turkey?

Use moderation eating high calorie foods- pizza, fast foods, soda. Eating turkey is fine but easy on the mashed potatoes, gravy and stuffing.

What kind of foods should someone with a positive blood type eat?

As of now there is no solid proof that eating foods based on your blood type has any real benefit. It is best to eat a wellrounded diet of foods that are good for you.

What kind of nutrition does a diabetic need?

According to web md, it is very important to choose healthy foods when you have diabetes. You should choose refined fats, low sugar foods, high fibre and whole wheat foods.

What kind of fats are in foods?

there are good and bad fats. just try not to eat too much... you should be fine...