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fruit and water dont eat junk food after or before

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Q: What kind of foods should you eat after physical activities?
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What kind of foods should you eat sparingly?

Fatty, salty foods and those that contain a lot of sugar.

What to eat when you are doing physical activities?

Anything nutricious would be great. For example, bananas, grapes, an apple, an orange, etc. That kind of food will help you with your activities. : )

What kind of diet should a male physical trainer have?

well you will need to keep a steady diet of fruit and healthy foods e.g: fish,pineapple,vegetables and bannanas i hope this helps you helpmaster

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You should consider what kind of person you are while searching for a lifelong physical activity.

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just about all the person kud b4 but they hav 2 b careful

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Every kind of food should be preserved.Every food get spoil when not preserved.

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You should definetly avoid foods high in fat(of course) but also high in carbohydrates. They give you a bubble butt.

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what kind of foods did the chumash eat

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You should always eat apples and other fruits.