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satin usually.

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Q: What kind of fabric do they use to make pointe shoes?
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Are Bloch shoes a good first pointe shoe?

really any kind of pointe shoe is good just make sure u get fitted

How do you make your pointe shoes shiny?

Pointe shoes come shiny. If the shine in your pointe shoes is gone, it probably means it was a) worn out or b) rubbed off with a chemical. You can not make them shiny again. Purchase new ones. ;)

What science do you need to make pointe shoes?

To make pointe shoes both the physical and chemical science is needed. The shoes have to fit and come in various sizes, this is where physical science comes into perspective.

How do you pancake your Pointe shoes?

Just get makeup that is your skin tone and cover the pointe shoes and the ribbons, make sure that you put it on evenly.

Can Rihanna do ballet?

I sawed her on pointe shoes in umbrella but her feet were wrong why to do it. she had to make the position of her feet better. i have been on pointe shoes for 5 months and my dance teacher taught me alot about pointe shoes. The music video for All American Girl. was like that too. Carrie Underwood was wearing pointe shoes. Her feet were WRONG! So the answer to that question is no. you should not be on pointe shoes without a permission of a ballet teacher. you must get fitted for pointe shoes. you don't want to much gap and space inbetween. your shoes cant be big or small

Which pointe shoes to buy?

I would suggest that you ask your ballet teacher for recommendations. It is important to get properly fitted as the best way to injure yourself is to have bad fitting pointe shoes. As makes go, I would suggest Grishko (2007 I would suggest, if you are a beginner on pointe). Grishko do have a website so look there. When buying pointe shoes, if possible try on Pro-Pads or Ouch Pouchs as they make wearing pointe shoes more comfortable. However, make sure you try your pointe shoes with them in otherwise you may find that they do not fit. Buying a pair of convertible tights helps in a ballet class if you are buying Ouch Pouchs or Pro- Pads but again make sure you try your pointe shoes on with these tights. I would not suggest buying pointe shoes online as you cannot try them on. Sources Personal Experience

What is a substitute for pointe shoes?

There is none. You need to be professionally fiitted for pointe shoes. If money is an issue then I strongly suggest using the Jet box Glue which is used to make pointe shoes last longer. Search for them on the internet. I heard this helps a lot!

How do they make colored pointe shoes?

They usually either dye the satin from the beginning or, in some professional companies, the pointe master or mistress will know how to dye them as ready made pointe shoes. If you use Grishko's, you can order them colored.

Why do Dancers use pointe shoes?

Dancers use pointe shoes to make them look taller, give the thought that they are on their toes, to give their body a more graceful line.

Is the RAD demi pointe shoes for pointe work?

kind of.. demi point shoes are to make your feet stronger.. iv been on pointe for a while now, and my RAD teacher has just suggested that i purchase a pair of demi pointes (or soft blocks) i have strong feet, but this is what she explained to me: professional dancers dance on pointe.. so why do we dance all these years on flats or split soles? she says that professionals almost never dance on stage with flats, so in order to train our feet and not put them in total pain with pointe shoes.. we wear demi pointes.

What resources are used to make pointe shoes?

It depends on each brand of shoes and the maker but most are made from paper mache. The paper mache contains strong paste, paper and layers of fabric, usually burlap. The shank usually made of cardstock, plastic materials, leather or cardboard. The outside of the pointe shoe is made of satin and the soles are usually leather.

Who was the person to make the first pair of pointe shoes?

Most people say it is Marie Taglioli. To learn more about pointe shoes, you should go to,, or!

If you wear a women's size 7 in shoes what size would you wear in pointe shoes?

Hi, It is impossible to gauge what size you would be in pointe shoes. Some shoes are made big and some are made small. There are also other factors in the fitting of pointe shoes eg. width! The only way is to be professionally fitted at a dance store! Do not buy pointe shoes over the internet unless you are a professional dancer who knows exactly what size ,width and make she wears!

Why were pointe shoes created?

To make girls look like they were floating.

What is the best kind of shoe to wear to make the best fake pointe shoe?

Pumps/high heels. Shoes that will elevate your heel up to create an arch.

Why do ballerinas destroy the pointe shoes?

ive honestly never heard that pointe dancers destroy there pointe shoes... on purpose They don't destroy their pointe shoes. They tear of the satin to the tips so they don't slip and they make cut or peel the inside sole. This allows the shoes to break in the way the dancers want.

How can you make homemade pointe shoes?

ABSOLUTLEY NOT! It would be very dangerous. Pointe shoes allow a dancer to go up on her toes in ballet. Only under the recommendation of her instructors is a dancer who is at least 12 with very good ballet technique allowed to go en pointe! After recommendation of your instructor you go to a local dance store and you are fitted for your first pair of pointe shoes. The fitting may take very long because it is so crucial to get the perfect fit for your foot type. These pointe shoes are made of VERY special material by shoe-makers called cobblers. There is absolutely NO WAY you could make your own pointe shoes. You need very special machines and tools. I'm sorry, but yes you do need to spend about $45-90 every time you need a new pair of pointe shoes. There is no way around this, but you can buy Jet Box Glue to help your pointe shoes last longer. I heard this helps a lot! Many online dance stores carry them.

What is the future of the ballet shoe?

Long explantion of pointe shoe history (skip this if you already know about pointe shoes ) I haven't heard anything about ballet shoes (canvas or leather soft shoes) changing besides companies maybe finding better (lighter and more durable) materials to make them out of. Pointe shoes on the other hand are consistently changing. Originally, pointe shoes used to be made out of wood and very hard materials. This was okay at the beginning of pointe work just because dancers didn't have the feet and strength dancers have today. Over time though, the pointe shoe has become relatively soft compared to its ancestors. Now pointe shoes are made of layers of fabric and paste. This allows the pointe shoe to be softer and more flexible.New advances in pointe shoe technologyGaynor MindenRecently new advances in pointe shoes include a flexible plastic shank introduced by the pointe shoe company Gaynor Minden. They advertise this new shank as long lasting and a pointe shoe that it has the feeling of an already broken shank (leather sole that supports the foot). I personally know a girl who has amazing feet and has worn both Russians and Gaynor Minden pointe shoes. She said that Gaynor's really require a lot of foot strength via the flexible shank, versus the Russians which have support, but die easily.NikeThe most interesting advancement in pointe shoes (and probably why you wrote this question) is Nike's concept idea of a sport pointe shoe. Released last year, this concept sports a black pointe shoe made of some durable, yet flexible material that can supposedly last way longer than normal pointe shoes. As i said earlier, this is a CONCEPT. As we have seen this year, Nike has already started to dabble in the dance field, by introducing their "Studio Wrap" shoes. If Nike indeed decides to pursue this concept, I think there will a lot of resistance. Ballet is know as a graceful and classical sport/art form, and bringing in a modren looking shoe might upset people. In addition, most pointe shoe companies have been making pointe shoes for around a hundred years. This has lead to multiple versions of pointe shoes and extensive knowledge of the pointe shoe. Unless Nike gets some very knowledgeable pointe shoe manufactories on its side, I think no dancer will take the product seriously.

Is have Grishkos for your first pair of pointe shoes bad?

Everyone has differently shaped feet, so it just depends on the person. Grishkos often have harder shanks, which will make it more difficult for a beginning pointe student to get their arches all the way over the box. Grishkos are great pointe shoes, however, but they might not be right for you feet - go to a store and have yourself fitted for the right brand of pointe shoes if it's your first time.

Where are ballet shoes made?

allover! different companies such as capezio, Freed and bloch make pointe shoes in their factories along with other acesories

How do you make point shoes at home?

The process of producing pointe shoes takes years of professional training. It is not something that may be done by an amateur.

When were ballet pointe shoes invented?

Pointe shoes were invented when Marie Taglioni in about 1824. she was the first person to attempt pointework gracefully instead of an acrobatic stunt, along with ungraceful arm movements. She darned her soft slippers to make a little bit of support for her feet, but it provided not even a fraction of support that modern pointe shoes do. She didn't use wires like other "pointe" dancers, and her feet were extremely strong. The pointe shoe later evolved to use hardened paste and a box instead of darned soft slippers.

What is good padding just for big toes in pointe shoes?

Use 'Lamb's Wool' toe pads, also, make sure your shoes are big enough to fit your feet. You might also want to try toe-taping your shoes. ( you can buy rolls at Wal-Mart ) If that does not work, consider getting new pointe shoes.

How do you get pionte shoes?

visit your local dance wear store and they should be able to fit you for pointe shoes. You can also order them online. Make sure your ballet instructor approves you to begin dancing en pointe before you purchase a pair though :)

Where can you get pointe shoes?

you can get pointe shoes from any dancewear shop or you can buy them over the internet but you should be experienced in ballet and your teacher MUST tell you that you can get them or you might break your ankle. (teachers will know your foot mold and thus advise you for a better fitting shoe. Commonly, it is a trial & error sort of thing and that's costly so make sure you talk to your teacher beforehand) You should go to a local dance store with experienced pointe shoe fitters that can make sure you get the right kind of shoe for you.