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All you need for Basketball is two teams of eight people and two basketball hoops and a basketball The cloths to use in any game like some shorts and a tanktop

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Q: What kind of equipment do you use for basketball?
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What equipment do you use in basketball?

A basketball hoop and a basketball. You also use equipment for your teeth to. Along with other equipment.

What are proper ways to use basketball equipment?

The proper way to use basketball equipment is using it to play basketball.

What equipment do you use in wheelchair basketball?

A wheelchair, basketball, and basketball hoop

What equipment did girls use to play basketball in the 1900s?

Basketball, basketball hoop, and a court.

In 1912 what equipment did girls use in basketball?

Very simple... a basketball and a basketball court! In addition: a basketball hoop!

What kind of equipment do vets have to use?

what equipment do vets use

What kind of basketball do they use in college basketball?

A Regular 1.................

How much does regular basketball equipment cost?

how much does basketball equipment cost?

What kind of equipment do astronomers use?

astronomers use telescopes

What kind of equipment do cheerleaders use?

we just use mats

What are the basketball equipment and facilities?

Basketball requires a facility that has a basketball court including two basketball hoops. Required equipment includes a basketball and athletic shoes.

What equipment do you need in youth basketball?

Shoes and a basketball.

What is the cost of basketball equipment?


Who made the basketball equipment?

There are many basketball equipment manufacturers.Spalding, Baden, Rawlings, Wilson, etc.

What was the first equipment used in basketball?

The first equipment used in basketball was a ball. This when combined with some sort of net brought about basketball.

What kind of equipment would use with a microscope?

You Could Use Slides

What kind of office equipment do secretaries use?

computers typewriters

What equipment do you wear for basketball?

Jersey, shorts, socks, and basketball shoes.

What kind of equipment is use for paralympics?

The equipment the Olympics people used was a snow boarding, cheerleaders swimming astronomers use telescope

What equipment is needed for basketballl?

To play the basketball game you need: Basketball, Basketball Ring with net and Basketball Board.

What equipment is used in basketball?

In basketball all you need is some basketball shorts some basketball shoes and a basketball hoop and ball.

How much does equipment cost to play basketball?

Some equipment of Basketball are expensive like basketball board. But other are available at very reasonable cost like basketball, net, ring and many more.

What equipment do you need basketball?

you need a Jersey silky shorts and basketball sneaker

How has the equipment for basketball changed?

Shatterproof Backboard.

What kind of equipmint did the first basketball players use?

A bucket and a soccer ball