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I would say a college that provides Division I Basketball. Now just because you're in DI basketball does not mean you will automatically get picked in the draft. And DI basketball is almost pro, you have to be good to make the team, otherwise you may have to go to DII or DIII. You may can still make it if you're in DII or DIII.

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Q: What kind of college do you need to go to to play basketball for your career?
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What kind of degree do you need to coach college basketball?

bachelors degree

What kind of education do you need to have to be an animal scientist?

Well take that up in college and you will be coached on how to follow that career

Do you need a degree to be a professional basketball player?

Yes, you only need one year of college to be a basketball player. You have to play college basketball before, playing professionally. :)

How can I play college basketball?

You will need to get a college scolarship.

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Do you need to go to college to become a basketball player?

It would be better if you did so you have that extra level of experience and knowledge of the and if you don't make you will have a career to fall back on.

What kind of college degree do you need to be a college basketball coach?

None,you can be in sports but you would have to be really good in academics. If you have bad academics you could be kicked out of school. That's why you don't have to have a college degree to be in sports.

I'm in the poverty level and really love to go to college and have a successelful career?

I need to go to college to have a successful career

What college courses do you need to take to become college basketball coach?

None are required.

What degree do you need from college to become a pro basketball player?

You just need to go to college at least one year

What kind of degree does a basketball player need?

You are not required to have a degree to play basketball.

How many years of college do you need to get in the NBA?

All you need is one year of college basketball before you can enter the NBA

What do you have to do to qualifey in NBA basketball?

you need a proper high school or colledge career

How many years of college does a pro basketball player need?

how many year of study of pro basketball

What does a veterinerian need to be in tht career?

you need to have a degree for veterinarian and need to have gradguated from college

What training do you need to become a teacher in Florida?

you need to get a college degree.You need to get a career.

Do you need to attend universityor college to became a basketball player?


How many years of college for basketball?

You only need one year of college to play in the NBA.

How much education do you need to play basketball?

At least 1 year in college

What kind of training is needed for an auditor career?

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What kind of college do you need to be a doctor?

You Need too go to a Good College

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What degree do you need from college to become a pro-basketball player?

No degree is required to become a pro-basketball player. Some players such as LeBron James never went to college.

What Marks to get in the career of an archaeology?

I think it depends on what college you are going to go to, they will decide what marks you need to graduate from there and then go into a career of archaeology.

When can you get a college scholarship for college basketball?

Yes, you can get a college scholarship for college basketball. You will need to be quite good and recognized in your school and district to attract schools to offer you a scholarship. It also helps if you school's team is good so they will gain more attention.