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Q: Do you need to attend universityor college to became a basketball player?
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How do you became an aeronautical enginear?

You attend and graduate from a college that offers this a degree is a start.

Which foundig father that became president didn't go to college?

George Washington, "The father of his country" did not attend college.

Who was the first African American basketball player?

The first professional basketball player was Harry Lew in 1902. Howard University became the first college with a basketball program in 1908. All the players on that team were the first.

What was Wilt Chamberlain famous for?

Wilt Chamberlain became famous in his highschool and college years of playing basketball so well.

Betsy Ross's college?

Seamstress Betsy Ross did not attend college. Most women of the day had no formal school at all. She did train as a seamstress and became quite expert at it.

Where did William Wells Brown go to college?

William Wells Brown did not attend college. He was born into slavery and did not escape until he was in his twenties. From there he became a public figure in the United States and later became the first African American author.

How did Rodney Anderson become famous?

Rodney Anderson became famous by becoming a popular college basketball star. Rodney Anderson played basketball at California State University at Fullerton.

What year did Rosa Parks drop out of college to attend to her sick grandmother?

In the year 1933. Her mother soon became ill too.

Where did Pau Gasol go to college?

He went to medical school for a year in the University of Barcelona before he became a professional basketball player

How he became a basketball player?

He just played basketball and he was good at it

When did colleges start playing basketball?

*A number of U.S. colleges start playing the game between 1893 and 1895. *1934 was when the first college game was played. *It was staged in New York City's Madison Square Garden. *By the 1950s basketball became a major college sport.

What made Hellen Keller Famous?

Helen Keller became famous because she was the Nations first blind, and deaf student, to attend and graduate from Radciffe College.

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