What kind of ball is easier to throw?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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really a regular Baseball is easier to throw than a softball

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Q: What kind of ball is easier to throw?
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Why do softball players throw underhand?

its easier to grip, and aim the ball when you throw underhand

A ball thrown from over your shoulder is called what kind of throw?

Overhand Throw

What are the physics involved with skipping a water polo ball?

Well when you throw the ball you need to throw it quite hard and spin the ball backwards and throw it down. If you throw it too flat then it will merely skim the surface, instead of skipping it. Some people find it easier to use a flat ball, like myself.

Is a blitzball better than a junk ball?

The Blitzball does not compare to a Junk Ball! Junk Ball is much easier to throw and much more fun to play with!

What is an easier way to find regirock?

find it and keep throwing ultra balls or just throw a master ball

What poke is best to cath uxie with?

i think it would be easier with a dusk ball and heres a tip when you throw a poke ball and when it shuts you say gotcha and press down+b it would work easier i caught my palkia with an ordinary poke ball.

Former olympic sport that is done backwards?

rugby-kind of because you have to throw the ball backeards

Do quaterbacks need to be tall?

kind of because if you want to throw the ball to the reciver you need to be tall

Why are most sports played with a spherical ball?

Most sports are played with a spherical ball becasue they are easier to catch/hit/kick. Sports like rugby and handegg use wierd shaped balls cus you can throw them easier.

Which type of football is easier to throw?

Depends on the size of your hand. You have a large hand then get a large ball, small hand get a small ball. Your hand should be able to cover half of the ball while passing.

How do you catch Articuno with a great ball?

that is actually not that hard. you first weaken it down to red and the throw nothing but great balls at it. it you throw any other kind of poke-ball it will mess it up and you will be impossible

Can the goaler throw the ball into the other goal?

Sure he can. but it would be very difficult to throw it that far. it would be easier to kick it but i suppose if he could somehow get it that far then it would count as a goal.