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Q: What joints are used while weight lifting?
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What activity uses the terms clean jerk and snatch?

These terms are used in weight lifting. They are different techniques of lifting the weights.

Can lifting light weight with high intensity to failure stunt growth?

Lifting light weight with high intensity can stunt growth in children if used too early.

What is power lifting?

The three lifts squat, bench press, and deadlift are used in powerlifting, a strength competition, in three attempts at their maximum weight.

What is a weight bar used to hold?

A weight bar is used to hold circular weights during weight lifting. They can also be used by themselves for balance and support during weight training.

How many carbs do you usually burn in a 1 hour weight lifting workout?

None. Weight lifting do not burn any carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are converted into glucose in the body which later is used as energy.

Is the Schiek® 6\" Weight Lifting Belt one of the safest"?

Known for its durability, support, and strength the Schiek 6" weight lifting belt as well as other Schiek products used by professional bodybuilders can be considered as one of the safest weight lifting belts, as long as you wear the belt properly. .

Where can I get some cheap weight lifting equipment?

Weight lifting equipment can be purchased at a discount price at,, or Sometimes you can find cheap affordable used equipment locally in your area on

What are capstans used for?

A capstan is a spool around which ropes are wound while lifting weights.

How can weight lifting help in other sports?

It conditions you helping you train and build muscle that is used when you play sports.

How do you check the ball joints?

Jack up the vehicle--pace a bar or pole or anything that can be used for leverage under the tire and lift if there is any play (looseness) prior to the wheel lifting usuaslly a good indication that ball joints need replacement

Should weight belts be used during weight training?

Yes. It is advisable to use weight belts for back support during weight training, especially if you are lifting heavy weights. As long as you are lifting light and working out for only fitness, you need not bother about belts but if you are a serious/hard core body builder, then a belt is a must for you.

Can knee wraps be used while lifting to support injury or only for maximal weights?

Knee wraps can help support the knee joint during heavy leg exercises however they are best used for maximal weights (e.g. twice your body weight).