What is your paintball hydro date?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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The hydro date is the number on your tank that tells you when your tank must be hydro tested (usually 5 years). Hydro testing is when you ship your bottle away to make sure it is still suitable to fill with pressure. 9oz tanks do not need to be hydro tested, or any other tanks with a diameter of less than 2 inches.

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Q: What is your paintball hydro date?
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How long does a 20 ounce of a paintball tank last?

You must get them hydro tested every 5 years.

What is hydro in paintball?

"Hydro" is short for Hydrostatic Testing. After so many years (listed on each tank) a propellant tank must be retested for leaks and material strength. If it fails, it is condemned and cannot be refilled, if it passes, you may use it until the next test date, which will be engraved onto the bottle. Hydro testing can be done by either physically going to and ordering, or mailing your tank to the manufacturer.

What do you do with expired Co2 tanks for paintball guns?

You must have them hydro-tested or throw them away. You will not be able to fill them legally.

When hydro testing paintball tanks what is the highest amount of pressure used?

they use 150% of the tanks rated pressure so for a 4500psi tank they test it at around 6700psi

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