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Q: What is your favorite sport Soccer Volleyball Basketball Baseball or Laccrosse?
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What is keshas favorite sport?

Volleyball its definitely not baseball or basketball$

What is the favorite sport in venezuela?

Baseball. But also football soccer, basketball and volleyball.

What is Natalie's favorite sport?

basketball, tennis, or volleyball

What is china anne mcClain's favorite sport?

volleyball and basketball

What is Poland's favorite sport or pastime?

volleyball, basketball and rugby

What are favorite iceland sports?


What is typically the favorite sport in Puerto Rico?

There is not a consensus. But the most popular ones are boxing, basketball, baseball and in the last years soccer is becoming as popular as volleyball or more.

what is your favorite sport?

mountain bike riding

What is Joes favorite sport basketball or baseball?

Actually, his favorite sport is wiffle ball, which is basically the same as baseball, so between baseball and basketball, baseball is probably the one he favors more.

What is Delaney Nicol's favorite sport?

softball, volleyball, baseball, football

What is favorite sport of Christina Aguilera?

She prefers Baseball & Volleyball :)

What is Bethany hill favorite sports?

basketball and baseball

What is lenardo DiCaprios favorite sport?

Basketball and baseball

What were Jackie Robinson's favorite things to do?

Baseball, Football, Basketball,and Track

What is New York favorite baseball and and basketball team?

For Baseball it would be the New York Yankees and for Basketball it would be the new york knicks

What is jayke marsh's favorite sport?

basketball then football then baseball

Does WWE Dave batista have a favorite basketball and baseball team?

Dave Batista's favourite basketball team is Lakers

What is hunter Hayes favorite sport?

basketball and baseball

What is john mcCains favorite sport?

he enjoys basketball, baseball, and football

What is Princeton's favorite sports from Mindless Behavior?

Baseball, basketball, tennis!!

What is Princeton of mindless behavior favorite sport?

Basketball,baseball,or tennis

What is Mongolia's favourite sport?

Archery, wrestling and horse riding. But these are used to events or festivals. Volleyball and Basketball are favorite sports in Mongolia.

Is basketball Americas favorite sport?

It is in americas top three sport, but all i know is football is americas favorite, and either baseball or basketball i americas second and third favorite but I do not the rder of which one, i hope oi helped you

What is John McCains favorite sport or hobby?

~Basketball, Boxing, Baseball, and football~

What is the 3 favorite sport in US?

Football, Basketball and probably hockey or baseball.