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redskins/eagles were popular video game


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Q: What are favorite iceland sports?
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Does Iceland have any sports their in Iceland?

Yes many sports.

What do familys do in Iceland?

fishing, winter sports

What are the main sports in Iceland?

Some of the Main Sports are Handball, which Iceland is top ranked in the world. One of the other ones is football (soccer).

What do people do for a living in Iceland?

they mostly focuse on sports

What sports are in Iceland?

well hockey is definitely one of them :)

Some imfo about Iceland?

Are you doing a project on Iceland too? What facts do you want? Cuisine: Sports: Government:

What is Japan other favorite sports?

Japans other favorite sports are baseball.

Steve Nash favorite sports?

steve's favorite sports are basketball and soccer

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What sports are played in iceland?

Ice hockey , football and basketball

What are Zac Efron's favorite sports?

His favorite sports are snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, and basketball.

What was Princess Dianas favorite sports?

Princess Diana's favorite sports were swimming and diving!

What is Obama's favorite sports team?

yes, obama's favorite sports team is the celtics

What is Obama's favorite sports team?

yes, obama's favorite sports team is the celtics

What is the least populated state with a major sports team?

Australia and Iceland ( . ) ( . )

What sports do people play in Iceland?

ice land has several sports that the citizens play. A few of the sports are football, handball, archery, and swimming.

What are England's favorite sports?

England's favorite sports are,, lawn tennis, Answers.comand

What are the two favorite sports in Pakistan?

Pakistan favo sports

Spain's favorite sports?

The favorite sport in Spain is soccer.

What is the favorite sports in Pakistan?

Their favorite sport is probably Hockey and Cricket since they are all very good at these sports!

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