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Bench press is not an olympic event, therefore there is no olympic record in bench press.

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Q: What is world Olympic record bench press?
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What is world record bench press?

600 lbsEnjoyWRONG-the world record for a RAW bench press is 715 pounds, and with a bench shirt device, over 1000. Enjoy that.

World record bench press 15 year old?

currently in 2011 Willie holds the world record for bench press as a 15 year old born in Houston tx raised in baytown tx hold the record at 520lbs he is currently the strongest at bench press in the world at his age at 15 years old

What is the world record bench press for a 14 year old?


What is the world record for reps of 225 lbs in the bench press?

A lot.

Who holds the current world record for bench press?

Eric Spoto currently holds the record in bench pressing. On May 19, 2013 he broke the previous record of 715 lb. by bench pressing 722 lb.

What is the largest bench press ever?

The world record for the most lifted in the bench press (raw, without any equipment assisting the lifter), is 722 pounds (327.5 kg) by Eric Spoto, while the world record for an equipped press is 1,102 pounds by Tiny Meeker.

What is world record for the Olympic press?

A chronology of Olympic press records is given here -

What is the most bench press ever?

On November 8, 2008, Ukrainian-American power lifter Ryan Kennelly set the world record bench press. Kennelly performed the record bench press of 1,075 pounds (489 kilograms) at the Pride Performance Strength Wars in Kennewick Washington. It was his third successful attempt of the day, with each attempt greater than 1,000 pounds. This lift bested his former bench press world record of 1,074 pounds (488 kilograms) at the United Powerlifting Association Bench Bash For Cash in Dubuque, Iowa (July 12, 2008). It was the fifth time in a row that Kennelly had bested the bench press record.

What is the world record bench press by a 14 year old?

its gonna be carlos trevino in a couple months..

What is the women's world record in weightlifting for the bench press?

just go to you will very easily find your answer there.

What is the world record for decline press?

225 pound decline bench press record is 80 reps! Oct 24, 2012. Jason faulkner- st. Joseph,mo

Who is the oldest man to bench press 300 lbs.?

Tom Sisk holds that record with a 301 lbs. bench press "raw" in World competition in Sept 2014 at 78 yrs old.

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