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Q: What is used to draw the foul lines on a baseball field?
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What major league baseball park has the longest foul lines?

Wrigley Field has the longest foul lines in baseball at 355' to left field, and 353' to right field.

How many foul lines are there on a baseball field?


What are the exact measurements from foul pole to foul pole on a baseball field?

it is different for every field

What is the official width of foul lines in baseball?

There is no rule specifying the width of the foul line.

How do you prepare a baseball field?

Mow the grass, rake the dirt, chalk the foul lines and batter's box, and wet down the infield dirt.

Is the foul pole in fair territory?

Yes, just as the lines on the field are fair.

Has Major League baseball ever moved the foul lines out and then back in?


What is the distance from left field foul line to right field foul line on high school baseball field at 315 feet from home plate?

445.48 feet

What is the angle of the foul lines in major league baseball?

a dimond shape thing

How long is the foul line in baseball?

In baseball, the length of the foul lines is dependent on the size of the outfield. The only rule is that they must be at least 325 feet long.

What is considered fair territory baseball?

anywhere within the 90 degree foul lines

What is interference in baseball?

when a runner interferes with a fielders opportunity to field the ball, interference is called and it is an offensive foul. Obstruction is a defensive foul.

What are the dimensions of a baseball field?

There is 90 feet between each base. The amount of foul territory down the lines and behind home plate varies from stadium to stadium. The length of the outfield fences also varies. Usually, the distance down the left field and right field lines is around 330 feet and to center field is at least 400 feet.a baseball field is 180 times 127 feet. i think.

How far apart are baseball foul lines?

At home plate, they are not far apart at all. At the fences, they are over 500 feet apart. The foul lines form a right angle at home plate

What is the area of a baseball field in square feet?

The diamond itself is a square , 90 feet by 90 feet. so has 8100 square feet of area. Besides the diamond, there is the outfield and more room in foul territory, behind home plate and each side of the foul lines. These dimensions vary, even in the case of professional fields- there is no fixed area for a baseball field.

What does the word fences mean in baseball?

When someone mentions fences in baseball they are talking about the outfield wall between the foul lines.

What happens when the ball hits the umpire in baseball?

depends where the ump is if he is in the field actually on it you continue playing if not on field foul ball.

Can you get a foul in softball?

You can not get a foul but you can hit a foul ball when the ball is hit outside of the lines.

Which is bigger a lax field or baseball field?

A lacrosse field is 330 feet X 180 feet in dimension. A baseball field is 325 feet from Home Plate to the outfield wall on the left and right field foul lines, and 400 feet from Home Plate to the center field wall. (These are minimum dimensions as described in the Official Baseball Rules.) So although they are different shapes, the fields are quite similar in size.

Is a ball fair or foul it it hits a base coach?

Since 1st and 3rd base coaches must remain outside the foul lines on the field of play, any ball that hits a base coach is, by definition, foul.

Baseball field foul pole color code?

yellow, so the white ball can be seen.

What is a foul ball in softball?

A foul ball is a ball that is hit outside of the foul lines on the field. A ball that bounces in fair territory then goes into foul territory before it passes a base is considered a foul ball. A ball that bounces in fair territory and then bounces into foul territory after it passes a base if considered a fair ball.

What is a foul throw in track and field mean?

what is a foul throw??????????????

How do you chalk a little league baseball field?

Chalking a baseball field is not that big a deal. You want to get as straight as you can with foul lines though. Usually a string tied to a nail from home plate to the OF fence will be a good guide for the chalk dropper. Here is a link to baseball field chalk dimensions if you wanna get really anal about it:

IN Baseball when positioning players defensively on the field how many players are allowwed to be in Foul territory?

In baseball the only defensive player allowed to be in foul territory is the catcher. Otherwise it's a fielders balk.