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Q: A ball that does not land in fair territory is called a?
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If a fly ball is hit and passed first base between first and second in fair territory but spins through the air and eventually lands in foul territory is it considered foul?

the ball has to land in fair territory to be considered fair.

How ois a foul ball determined?

The batted ball must first either land in fair territory, be touched while in fair territory, or go over the outfield fence in fair territory to be determined a fair ball. Any ball that is fair before the 1st or 3rd base bag and goes foul without being touched is a foul ball, however, a ball that goes past 1st or 3rd and is fair can then go into foul territory and still remain a fair ball

What Province or territory is called the land of the midnight sun?

its the yukon territory !

What is territory ruled by a distant land?

Territory ruled by a distant land is called a colony. A colony is any people or territory separated from but subject to a ruling power or government.

Why was Pennsylvania's expansion different from other colonies?

territory was acquired by paying Native Americans a fair price for their land

The land given to the united states was called what territory-?

The land that was given to the United States was known as the Indian Territory.

What was the land of Minnesota called before it came a state?

Minnesota was part of the Louisiana Purchase, and the Northwest territory depending on the location since the Mississippi River was the boundary. Part of it was Rupert's Land. As the land became more settled, name changes happened. Illinois territory, Michigan territory, Iowa territory, Wisconsin territory, and Minnesota territory.

Can you jump and land on both feet then pass the ball?

If you have the ball in your hands to start with then no, that is called a travel