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Hickory or aluminum.

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Q: What is the worlds best baseball bat?
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Worlds best cricket bat?

the salix deamon

What is the best estimate of a baseball bat?

well if your asking what the best bat is it is the combat b1

What is the best substitute for a cricket bat?

i think a baseball bat...

What is the best baseball bat in the world?

The Best bat in the world is basically up to you to decide from experience.

What is the best way to bat?

With a baseball bat, baseball gloves, your arms and hands, and good focus eyes.

Is slazenger the worlds best cricket bat?

No but they are incredible cricket bats.the best cricket bat in the world is the AS gold.the AS gold has a 6cm edge and only weighs 2lb 3oz.

What is the best s series baseball bat?


What is the best selling youth baseball bat?

The Demarini CF3. The Demarini CF3. Umm, no. Easton Stealth is the best selling. It has come in many models over the years. Check out for some quality information on baseball bat reviews.

Is plasma fusion a good baseball bat?

No. The "Miken Freak" is the best bat in the world.

What is the best wooden baseball bat?


What is the best little baseball bat?


What is the best estimate For the Length of A baseball bat?

35 inches

What is the best big barrel bat for youth baseball?

The best big barrel bat is -8 if you mean the type of bat then velocity but -8 31 inch 23oz

What is the best baseball bat you can get?

for metal bats, I think Demarini is the best

What brand of an aluminum bat can hit a baseball the farthest?

The Miken Freak is by far the best bat.

What is the best -8 baseball bat you can get?

the demarini cf3

What is the best bat on baseball superstars 2010?


What is the best type of metal for baseball bat?

mmm the best type is aluminum

What is the best baseball bat ever?

It's not the bat but the batter young grasshopper! but its defenitly the Blank Blank

What object is about 1 meter long?

a baseball bat

What is the best composite baseball bat?

If you want a good composite bat, you're best best bat will be either the CF4 black, or the Combat B3, I have owned both of these bats, and to me, they are both amazing bats. Now in 2012, the Easton XL1 is the best composite baseball bat. p.s. college players use the XL1 also, rather than little leaguers and all other ages.

What is the best kind of wood for a baseball bat?

White ash and maple

What youth baseball bat is best for a contact hitter?

easton 888

What is the best Major League Baseball bat?

louisville slugger 32

I am going to play eighth grade baseball. What kind of bat would be best?

For an eighth grader, it depends on your size. The best baseball bat for a middle school team would be an Exo. They have a light weight advantage and their sweet spots are enormous.