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No but they are incredible cricket bats.the best cricket bat in the world is the AS gold.the AS gold has a 6cm edge and only weighs 2lb 3oz.

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Q: Is slazenger the worlds best cricket bat?
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Which 2010 slazenger cricket bat is the best color?

blue is the best colour

Worlds best cricket bat?

the salix deamon

Which brands make the best quality cricket bats?

The quality cricket bats are made by Slazenger, according to popular opinion. Slazenger is a company that has been making cricket bats for more than 70 years, and their quality is unmatched by any other bat maker.

What is a good cricket bat company?

GM Slazenger Gray-Nicolls MRF Reebok are very good bat companies

What is the price of most expensive cricket bat?

AUD $895 - Slazenger Master Class 5 Star

Is a slazenger v100 cricket bat better than a v500?

yes because when u use them u are more comfartable with the V100 BAT

Which is the worlds most expensive cricket bat?


What is your favorite cricket bat?

i play for Hampshire colts and i am sponsored by gray nichols.there bats are very good. these are my favourate cricket bats, slazenger gray nichols

What is the best gm cricket bat?

What is the best bat

Is a Krakatoa cricket bat better than a buffalo cricket bat?

a Krakatoa cricket bat is the best childrens cricket bat of all time

Which cricket bat company is better?

There Are different type of batsmen out there defensive and maybe more attacking batsmen.. The best DEFENSIVE bat make is definatley GM, The more attacking players would use Slazenger ( jaque kallis, eoin morgan).... OVERALL i would say GM and Slazenger are the best closely followed up by Gray Nicholles And Fearnley

Which company makes best cricket bat?

THE BEST make CRICKET BAT is salix and G&M

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