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Love, in tennis or Table Tennis zero or nothing means love

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Q: What is the word for zero in a paddle tennis game?
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What word symbolizes zero in tennis?

In tennis the word used for zero points is love. e.g 30-love.

What word means zero in tennis?


What is zero points in tennis called?

If you have zero points in a game it is referred to as 'love'

The word love in tennis?

In tennis, the word love is used instead of zero. At the begining of each game, the score is love-all or love-love because no one has a point yet.

What word is used to describe no score in tennis?

"Love" in tennis means, zero. "15-love" means 15-zero.

What is the word for nil in tennis?

In tennis, instad of nil or zero, love is used. At the beginning of each game, when no player has a point yet, the score is love-all or love-love.

What word symbolizes a zero in tennis?

Luv. Pronounced love.

What is a score of zero in tennis?

A score of zero is when no points are awarded to anyone in the start of the game. In English zero is called "love" and is announced before the ball is played across the tennis court.

In what game does love have no value?

TENNIS, Love means ZERO in Tennis, this was on a homework for math...thought id help you out...

What is zero referred to in tennis?

Zero is refered to as love in tennis. I do not know why.

What is love 15?

It is the score in a tennis game after the person that served has lost the first rally. Love is the same as zero in tennis terminology.

Why is zero called love in tennis?

It is commonly believed that a score of zero in tennis is called love because of a mispronunciation of the French word L'oeuf. L'oeuf means egg in French and is sometimes used as slang for zero.

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