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It's called a cross.

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Q: What is the word for moving a soccer ball across the field?
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When a soccer ball is headed from one player to player two across the soccer field what is the projectile?

soccer ball

When do you throw a soccer ball in soccer games?

Whenever the ball exits the field across a touch line.

A soccer ball rolling across a field has energy of motion?

Is that a ? no it's not!

Individually controlling the ball in soccer while moving the ball up the field is called what?

It is called dribbling.

What is the term for individually moving the ball up or down the field in the game of soccer?


What are some penaltys for soccer?

ummmmmm you can get rolled into a ball and get kicked across the field for pushing

What is it called when the soccer ball is sent from the sideline across the field in front of the goal?

A cross.

In soccer when is the ball out of bounds?

When it completely exits the field across a goal line or touch line.

How does football differ from soccer?

Soccer you only use your feet. you kick it across a field smaller than a football field. soccer uses a round ball. Football you can use your hands. Soccer has goals, not inzones or field goals. you have less people on a soccer team. i bet you are not from the u.s.

What happens in soccer when the ball leaves the field across the endline?

the player of the oppisite team gets a frewe kick

What is it called when the soccer ball touches the side line?

Nothing happens when the ball touches the touchline. When the ball completely exits the field across the line, then play is restart with a throw-in.

How do you score in soccer?

A goal is awarded when the ball exits the field across the goal line, between the goal posts, and under the cross bar when the ball is in play.

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