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Is that a ? no it's not!

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Q: A soccer ball rolling across a field has energy of motion?
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Why does a soccer ball that is quickly rolling across a grass field slows down and finally stops rolling?

It will slow down because of the force of friction on the grass field resisting its motion, as well as the force applied by the blades of grass which act like small springs.

How does shooting a soccer ball have to do with science?

When you shoot or kick a soccer ball you are transferring energy. when your feet swings back it is storing energy .This is called potential energy and When you kick the ball and the ball flies this is called kinetic energy.Potential energy -stored energyKinetic energy- energy of motion

What transfers energy of motion a. turning on atelevision b. lighting a candle c. burning wood d. kicking a soccer ball?

The answer is d ... kicking the soccer ball

What decreases kinetic energy?

Kinetic energy is the energy that an object has when it is in motion, so anything that will stop the motion of an object will decrease it's kinetic energy. The motion of an object can be stopped by any outside force acting on the object, whether sudden (think of stopping a rolling soccer ball with your foot -- that's decreasing it's kinetic energy), or continuous (the friction of that ball against the air and ground will eventually cause it to stop rolling on its own). In the vacuum of space where there is no air to create friction a projectile will continue moving at the same speed without stopping and without decreasing its kinetic energy.

How can you tell that a rolling soccer ball is in motion?

It rotates around it's center. Rotational motion is the only motion that exists regardless of your point of reference.

Does rolling soccer ball needs more force to stop than a rolling bowling ball?

Any amount of force can stop either kind of ball. But a greater force is required to stop a bowling ball than to stop a soccer ball IN THE SAME TIME, because the bowling ball has more mass, and therefore more momentum and more kinetic energy.

What can you do to change the direction of a soccer ball rolling toward the goal?

You can play the ball.

When a soccer ball is headed from one player to player two across the soccer field what is the projectile?

soccer ball, just did it

What are some reasons that knowing about projectile motion might help you score a soccer goal?

What are some reasons that knowing about projectile motion might help you score a soccer goal?

What is the rap about soccer that was on soccer am?

World in Motion- written by New Order and Keith Allen for the 1990 world cup.

What part of the body is in constant motion during the soccer game?

Your Legs

When do you throw a soccer ball in soccer games?

Whenever the ball exits the field across a touch line.