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Q: What is the winningest NFL team since 1994?
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Who is the winningest team in nfl history?


Which coach became the winningest coach in NFL history while with the Dolphins?

Which coach became the winningest coach in NFL history while with the Dolphins

Who is the winningest super bowl quarterback?

The most winningest quarterback in the NFL is Brett Favre with 186 wins

Who is the nfl's winningest coach in the last five years?

Mike Tomlin

Who is currently the winningest college football coach?

NFL: Don Shula.

What NFL team has the highest scoring average since the NFL was established?


Who is the NFL's most winningest team since the Super Bowl era?

Since Super Bowl I there are three teams that have won the Super Bowl 5 times. Dallas Cowboys won in 1972,1978,1993,1994, and 1996. Pittsburgh Steelers won in 1975,1976,1979,1980, and 2006. San Francisco 49ers won in 1982,1985,1989,1990, and 1995.

What NFL team has the most rushing yards since the afl-NFL merger?


What NFL team did Markus Thomas play for?

Philadelphia Eagles 1993-1994

What NFL team has the most losses since 1997?

the vikings

Which NFL team was the worst since 1950?

Cleveland Browns

Football team to win us championship in 1994?

The Dallas Cowboys won the NFL Super Bowl Championship in 1994