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Q: What NFL team has the highest scoring average since the NFL was established?
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What is the average SAT score for a freshman in high school?

There really isn't an established average for high school freshman since not a lot of them actually take it, but the general scoring range tends to vary from 1300 to 1800 on the new SAT.

What is the highest scoring NFL game since 1998?

vikings/chicago 10/19/08 89 points total

Highest batting average since 1950?

Ted Williams

What planet have the highest average of speed?

If you mean within our Solar System: Mercury, since it is closest to the Sun.

What is the name of the player to win the batting title with the highest average?

Hugh Duffy of the Boston Beaneaters hit .440 in 1894. Since 1920, the end of the "dead-ball era", The highest average for a season was Roger Hornsby's .424 in 1924

How many times has a Boston Celtics player led the NBA in scoring?

Zero times. A Boston Celtic has never led the NBA in scoring since it began as a club.

What is the highest factor in the world?

Factors are numbers. Since there is no highest number, there is no highest factor.

What is the highest batting average a player can get?

The highest batting average a player can have is 1.000, which would mean that he would have a hit every time he is at bat. Of course, this wouldn't count the times the batter may have been walked, since walks aren't considered "at-bats" and don't reflect upon his batting average.

Is Israel the newest country?

No. It was established in 1948 and there are countries that have been established since then.

Which of the following presidents had the highest average presidential approval rating since the popular ratings began?

john Kennedy Johnson bush and George Washington

Did ACT scoring change since the 1980s?

Apparently, yes.

Since the 1987 season how many times has the regular season scoring champion play for the Pittsburgh penguins?

Mario was the scoring champion and he played for the Pittsburgh penguins for 41 years P.S Hockey Commisioner

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