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The 2010 cricket world cup was won by India.

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Q: What is the wining country of 2010 2020 cricket world cup?
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What country is holding cricket world cup 2010?

england t20

Which country has won the ICC Twenty-Twenty World Cup Cricket played in May 2010?

England won the 2010 T20 world cup

Which country won 2010 cricket world cup?

England won the icc t20 world cup in 2010 defeating australia in final

Which country won the 2010 Under-19 Cricket World Cup held in New Zealand?


Who captained England in the 2010 cricket world cup?

The cricket world cup is in 2011.

What is the symbol of cricket world 2010?

there was no cricket world cup in the year 2010 it was held in 2011 and mascot was stumpy the elephant

What are the ratings and certificates for Twenty20 Cricket World Cup 2010 England - World Champions - 2010 V?

Twenty20 Cricket World Cup 2010 England - World Champions - 2010 V is rated/received certificates of: UK:E

What country has hosted the cricket and rugby and football world cup?

England has hosted all three. South Africa will join them when they host the football World Cup in 2010.

Which country has won the icc twenty twenty world cup cricket played in may 2010?

England won thw 2010 icc t20 worldcup.England won by 7 wickets.

How much money the wining team of the world series gets?

The 2010 world champion San Francisco Giants are expected to receive a minimum of $350,000.

Who won the 2010 ICC cricket world T20 championship?

England won the 2010 T20 world cup.

Which team was the runner up of 2010 world cup?

there was no world cup in 2010 relating to cricket..however there was football

Who won the 2010 World Cup in cricket?

Actually there was no 50 overs world cup in 2010. But if you are talking about t20 world cup then it was England.

The 2010 20-20 worldcup of cricket will be played in which country?

As of now, India.

When will icc cricket world cup 2011 game ps3 come out?

I only see it available for the iPhone from back on November 2010 and do not see any cricket world cup ps3 games There are Ashes Cricket 2009 and International Cricket 2010 (EUR release only both games) for the PS3

Who are win the world cup 2010 t20 cricket?


Who win twentyt20 cricket world cup 2010?


Who won the 2010 cricketworld cup?

The cricket world cup was not held in 2010 it will be held in 2011.

Who will be world champion team in cricket 2010?

In 2010 England became the champion of T20 world cup which has been held in west indies.

Who won t-20 cricket world cup 2010?


How many teams participated in the 2010 world cup cricket?


Where is theTwenty twenty 2010 world cup cricket location?

West Indies

What has the English cricket team won?

2010 T 20 world cup.

What is the richest country 2010?

Kuwait is the 4th richest country in the world 2010

Was icc cricket hosted in 2010?

ICC t20 world cup was held in west indies in the year 2010 and it was won by the england cricket team under the captaincy of paul collingwood by defeating the australian cricket team in the final and winnig the 3rd edition of the cup