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It depends on what d-pole it is.

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Q: What is the weight of an average lacrosse defensive pole?
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Can a lacrosse defensive shaft be shorter than 6 feet?

Yes, in men's lacrosse only two of the defensive shafts are long pole

Is lacrosse involves catching a ball in a net at the end of a long stick?

yes, and if you have a defensive pole it is even longer.

What is the best defensive lacrosse shaft?

The best d pole is for a beginner is the brine f15 for an intermidate is stx summit grip and expert stx sc ti pro

What kinds of games did the Pomo Tribe play?

they played Lacrosse,hoop and pole game,and,cup and pin game :)

What is the average weight of a telephone pole?

We were just told, by the City of Austin's utility pole contractor, that the weight of a utility pole (much like a telephone pole) is 700 pounds. Hope this information is of some help to the telephone weight query. - Austin, Texas USA

What game uses a long pole with a small net on the end?


How much does a warrior krypto pro lacrosse pole weigh?

4 pounds

What is the correct length for a longpole in lacrosse?

A long pole in Lacrosse is a defence pole.

What games did southeastern Indians play?

Chunkey, Lacrosse, Game of the Pole. and OTHER STUFF.

What sport uses poles as part of the basic equipment?

Pole Vault

How much does a hickory lacrosse stick weigh?

10 oz for a short pole, 20 oz for a long pole... has the weights of their shafts on the webpage

Can a pole vaulter use a longer pole?

It depends on your weight pole vaulting poles can be measured by weight and height. the highest weight pole ive seen is a 180 but it also depends on your upper body strength the tougher you are the bigger the pole you can use