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There is absolutely no weight limit to be a cheerleader! You just have to have a good spirited attitude and be able to pump up your team and be super loud! On the other hand, there is a weight limit in some college squads, but other than that it just depends what team you try out for.

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Q: What is the weight limit in cheerleading?
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Does cheerleading cause weight loss?

It depends on how active the cheering is.

Im trying out for cheerleading im 15 4 foot 11inches how much should i weight is there a limit?

No! Don't let anyone tell you there's a weight limit for a sport or anything. It doesn't matter how much you weight, as long as you're good at cheering you'll make the squad. I'm the same height and have weighed between 97-120 pounds in the last 4 years, and have been told by my doctor I've always been at a healthy weight.

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A judge recently ruled that cheerleading was not a sport. As a fellow cheerleader, I beg to differ. Cheerleading combines gymnastics, dancing, and even weight lifting.

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