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he is 390cms and 34 stone

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Q: What is the weight and height of lennox Lewis?
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What is the birth name of Lennox Lewis?

Lennox Lewis's birth name is Lennox Claudius Lewis.

Who was the longest reigning heavy weight champion of ALL TIME?

lennox Lewis

What is Lennox Lewis's birthday?

Lennox Lewis was born on September 2, 1965.

What actors and actresses appeared in An Audience with Lennox Lewis - 1999?

The cast of An Audience with Lennox Lewis - 1999 includes: Kate Charman as Herself - Co-Host Lennox Lewis as himself

Does lennox Lewis have a brother who boxed?


Did vitali klitchko beat lennox Lewis?


Who is the boxer with the skipping rope on BGT?

Lennox Lewis

Did Lennox Lewis fight Frank Bruno?

Yes. 10/01/93 at Cardiff Arms Park, in Cardiff, Wales Lennox Lewis won by 7th round TKO

Who was the greatest English boxer of all time?

lennox Lewis

What football team does lennox Lewis support?

Dallas Cowboys

Who was the last heavyweight boxer to unify the division?

Lennox Lewis

What are the release dates for Beyond the Glory - 2001 Lennox Lewis 2-12?

Beyond the Glory - 2001 Lennox Lewis 2-12 was released on: USA: 7 July 2002