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Lennox Lewis

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Q: Who was the last heavyweight boxer to unify the division?
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What is a famous boxer last name that starts with s?

Leon Spinks (former heavyweight champion of the world)

What weight division does Antonio Tarver fight in?

Antonio Tarver is now boxing in the heavyweight division. He had his first fight in over a year last month and weighed 221 pounds. He plans on having more fights in the heavyweight division. Tarver fought as a light heavyweight from 1997 thru 2009.

What is a famous boxer last name start with a w?

Jersey Joe Walcott was the heavyweight boxing champion of the world. He was 37 years old when he won the title.

Which boxer won the heavyweight championship title the most times?

Evanader Holyfield ..5 times....four in the U.S...last one against Francis Botha at age 46

Who is a famous athlete that has a last name that starts with a Q?

Jerry Quarry is a former heavyweight boxer. Pat Quinn is a former player and head coach in the National Hockey League.

Famous athlete with a last name starts with A?

Arthur Ashe, Tennis Player, Open and Wimbledon champion Hank Aaron, Hall of Fame baseball player Muhammad Ali, former heavyweight champion boxer

Who was the last white heavyweight boxing champ?

We have several now. If your talking about who was the last undisputed White Heavyweight Champion, Ingemar Johansson was. If your talking about the last undisputed White American Heavyweight Champion, then the answer is Rocky Marciano.

Who was the last Scottish heavyweight boxing champ?

There has never been one.

Who was the first heavyweight boxing champ?

Since the glove era, John L. Sullivan was the 1st. He was also the last bareknuckle Heavyweight Champion as well.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Last Challenge - 1916?

The cast of The Last Challenge - 1916 includes: Eugene Corri as Referee Jem Smith as Boxer Toff Wall as Boxer

How many years is Barbara Boxer in congress for?

Boxer is a senator. She was last elected in 2010 and will hold office until 2016.

What is a famous boxer last name that starts with an A?

Muhammad Ali