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$350.-$600 is the value of the whole team autographed photo signed by the 1966 World Series orioles.

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Q: What is the value of whole team autographed photo signed by the 1966 world series orioles?
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What is the value of an autographed photo of Joe Namath?

450.00 dollars if autographed but none signed is 35.00

Where to sell signed mickey mantle autographed photo?

eBay or DONT sell it r u out of your mind

What is the value of an autographed Junior Seau photo?

Authentic autographed Junior Seau memorabilia & signed collectibles. Junior Seau footballs, helmets, jerseys, photos.

How much is a Tom Glavine autographed photo worth?

About $85 for an 8x10, $125 for a baseball, and $200 for a signed bat.

Why the difference is price for signed vs autographed sports memorabilia?

Signed autographThere is no difference between signed memorabilia and autographed memorabilia. It is just deference in terminology. A signed baseball is the same as an autographed baseball and the same value. An autograph is signed. You could sign a check or a document but the signature would not be considered an autograph. You sign a baseball or a photo and the signature is an autograph.

How much is an autographed Victor Zambrano card worth?

Autographed baseball- $42.09, $109.61, $100.33 8x10 autographed photo- $22.19, $13.37, $34.72, $28.19 Signed game used helmet- $150.28

How much is a autographed catchers chest protector signed by Pudge Rodriguez worth?

$200. $2k if he wore it in a game and you can photo match.

How much is a ronaldinho autographed jersey worth?

I dont know but I have a Brasil jersey he signed and a couple photo's of him that he signed aswell as signed pictures of Pirlo, Gattuso, Flamini, Seedorf and Leonardo if anyone has any Offers......

How much can I sell an autographed Junior Seau photo for?

If the signature is not properly authenticated the signed picture could sell at half the market value or less.Some autographed things from Junior Seau are valued at about $70.00.

How much is an autographed photo of Thurman Munson?

$3500.00 pHOTO

What is the value of Ronald Reagan's autograph?

We collect autographed photos and from what I've seen a simple signed photo runs between 800-1200.

What is Ronald Reagan's autograph worth?

We collect autographed photos and from what I've seen a simple signed photo runs between 800-1200.

If you don't have a photo of Selena Gomez can she still send you an autographed photo?

Yes if you don't have a photo of her she can still send you a autographed photo. But if you go to one of her CD signings, she will give you an autographed photo. But please don't ask me when or where her next CD signing is because I don't keep track of all those things.

What is the value of an autographed 2000-2001 Manchester United team photo?

Many of the signed team photos are worth around $40 each. The exact amount will depend its condition and who all signed the picture.

Value of poster signed by Peter Brock?

It depends a lot on how much someone is willing to pay, providing you are looking to sell one. They are anywhere from $75 for autographed poster to $1000 for autographed racing photo that is professionally matted and framed.

What is the value of an autographed poster from the 1982 MLB All star game in Montreal which is signed by every player on both all star teams?

An autographed photo of a single team is selling for about $2000 on ebay. You do the math if you have both teams.

What is the value of an autographed team photo of the 1944 Baltimore Orioles?

I own a Small Sports Store in baltimore MD. Please send me a pic and I'll do my best to help you.

Where can I get an autographed photo of Ted Neeley?


How much is a 2009 World Series uniform worn by Robinson Cano worth?

Not exactly sure about this exact request, but here's some other Robinson Cano merchandise and what they've sold for: Signed Jersey- $449 Signed game used batting gloves- $500.99 Signed Bat- $329.99 Signed baseball- $199.99 Signed photo (with A-Rod and Jeter)- $999.99 Signed photo- $664.49 Signed photo (of him raising World Series trophy)- $292.25

What is an autographed picture of Jeff Gordon worth?

It depends on if its the only copy in the world or # 4,999 out of #1,000,000. or if it hand signed or machine signed. Get a magnifying glass(unless you were there when it was signed) and look at it side ways. Is the autograph raised or inside the photo?

Is an autographed scorecard worth more than an autographed baseball?

Signed ScorecardAn autograph scorecard cover is compatible in price with a 8X10 photo, in general about 60 percent the value of a signed baseball. The paper used for the cover of a scorecard is of lower quality than a photo and condition is very important as the display of the signature. If the signature appears on the inside it will be valued as a "cut signature" about 10-20 percent the value of a signed baseball.

What is a 1968 Baltimore Orioles photo pennant worth?

baltimore orioles is worth

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What do people keep autographed pictures in?

Photo albums.