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19 mil

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Q: What is the value of small cricket bats signed by teams from India 1946 NZ 1949 Sth Africa 1947?
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What is the value of a small cricket bat signed by the 1936 English cricket team who played India?

AnswerThe value now a days is Priceless but if you would still like to buy the small cricket bat signed by the 1936 English cricket team who played India, would be an astonishing 6.3 Million Pounds. It will be auctioned at the 2011 World Cup. (InshAllah)

What is the value of a small cricket bat signed by the 1977 England cricket team?

Between £40 at the cheapest and £120 at the most expensive. However, it depends of the quality, age and condition.

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You are not going to find a reliable answer to that question on I would highly recommend finding a professional appraiser.

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