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The value now a days is Priceless but if you would still like to buy the small cricket bat signed by the 1936 English cricket team who played India, would be an astonishing 6.3 Million Pounds. It will be auctioned at the 2011 World Cup. (InshAllah)

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The India Cricket team toured England in 1936 captained by Maharajkumar of Vizianagram, playing 3 Tests, it was not a very successful tour for the Indian side losing the 1st and 3rd, drawing the second test ensured England won the series.

Two things are important firstly miniature bats are not very popular compared to full size bats and secondly prints are in abundance.

I am afraid if the bat was an original with authentic hand signed signatures

it may be worth £40 - 60, if it is a print perhaps £10 to someone who really wanted it

Tony Selby

Sports Valuer

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20lac dollars

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Q: What is the value of a small cricket bat signed by the 1936 English cricket team who played India?
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