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In the current economic climate approximately $125

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โˆ™ 2012-10-18 20:22:56
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Q: What is the value of a signed Martin Brodeur rookie card?
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What is the value of a martin brodeur rookie card upper deck?

There technically no Martin Brodeur Upper Deck rookie cards. His true rookie cards are 90-91 Score (both American & Canadian versions).

What is the value of a Martin Brodeur rookie card?

A typical Brodeur Rookie card is usually sold for 15 but can be bought for usually 10 after you talk someone down. If it is graded 10 in perfect shape it's worth around 70. The one that is half french is worth about 20.

What is the value of a hockey puck signed by Martin Brodeur?

Assuming you have LEGITIMATE authenticity with it anywhere from $30-$90 depending on who issues the authenticity and what kind of condition the puck is in.

What is the value of a signed Wayne Gretzky rookie card?

Gretzky has only ever signed one rookie card of his....and he kept it. $4.00 US

What is the value of signed Thurman Munson rookie card?


What is the value of a signed Todd Hollandsworth Rookie Card?


What is an autographed Patrick Roy rookie card worth?

value for patrick roy rookie card signed

What is the value of a J.T. Snow rookie baseball card signed?


What is the value of Derek fisher signed rookie card?

1$ no joke...

What is the value of Brett Favre rookie card if is signed by him?

about 120 to150 dollars

What is the value of Alexander Volkov's NBA Hoops Rookie Card?

signed $70.00

What is the value of a signed Guy LaFleur rookie card?

Book Value in Mint is $200, but the signature would increase that value.

What is the value of a martin brodeur hockey card?

well it depends on what card it is and in what condition it is in and to find out look it up in bekket hockey

What is the value of a signed Trevor Linden Rookie card?

About $25 depending on condition as always.

What is the value of an yogi berra autographed baseball?

7000 dollors if he signed it his rookie year.

What is the value of a Ben Roethlisberger rookie card?

a Big Ben Rookie card is worth around about maybe $100.... i think..... but definatly if it is signed.

What is the value of a signed mark martin hat?

about 9000 dollars.... approximately

What is the value of a Higgins baseball glove signed by Pepper Martin 1935?

== ==

What is the value of an autographed WNBA finals ticket signed by rookie of the year Maya Moore?

You can get up to 5,000 or more

What is the value of a 2007 nhl eastern conference all-star jersey signed by all of the players including Sidney Crosby Alex Ovechkin Daniel briere martin brodeur etc?

about 3000 but wait about 7 more year all of them will be the HF and it will worth about 4 times as much

What is the value of an autographed Wayne Gretzky rookie card and the value of his counterfeit card of the same make signed by the great one?

Rookie card: 1979 Topps Wayne Gretzky Rookie (#18) PSA Graded MINT 9 is valued at a minimum of $425 unsigned. Signed, it speculatively would add no more than an additional $250 at current market prices. Based upon the frequency of items signed by Gretzky and the fact he is still alive, only means the value will not rise for some time, even on a card in perfect condition.

What is the value of a Upper Deck Todd Van Poppel rookie card signed?

You can pick one up for under 5 dollars.

You were told that Wayne Gretzky does not sighn his rookie cards is this correct?

First of all it doesn't actually matter...When you have a ROOKIE Card signed it defaces the mint value and drops the price of the card..then raises it for the signature value. For example if Gretky's rookie is worth 1000.00 mint but near mint is 200.00 then you would loose eight hundred dollars in value and then raise it b$50-100 dollars for the signature. So it is much smarter to get a second or third year card signed that has a much less value like $50 mint and 30 near mint because the card will be worth $130 signed.

What is the value of a signed Jerry Rice rookie card?

A Jerry Rice Rookie Card in perfect condition is worth $3000 that's when it is a 10. Getting it signed can actually lower the value because when someone buys the card there now only buying the autograph. Its the same as having a picture or a football with his autograph on it that's not his rookie card they would be worth the same. Lets say his autograph is worth $500 that rookie card that was $3000 is now only worth $500 people are buying the autograph not the card.

What is the value of a 1984-1985 upper deck Michael Jordan rookie card made in 1995 card number 137?

since it was made in 1995 and not signed, but is his rookie card, i would say around a buck.