What is the uses in soccer?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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There's really no uses it's just for the fun. It's a game

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Q: What is the uses in soccer?
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Who uses a soccer ball?

soccer players!

What is uses of soccer?

I think you mean 'what is the use of soccer' and I would say... fitness :)

What sports uses a right wing?

Soccer and hockey

What is it called when a soccer player uses their forehead?

a header

Which sport uses creatine most often?


How can you improvement on your soccer?

A true soccer player would improve in soccer by practicing dribbling, skills, punting (goalkeepers), throw-ins, traps, Maradonna, everything that the sport soccer uses, or what you would you use in soccer.

Which athlete uses muscles to play soccer '?

the good ones

What uses do you have for buckministerfullerene?

Making tiny carbon soccer balls?

What sports uses sidelines to mark the playing area?

Sports that uses sidelines are baseball, criket, football, soccer and more.

What are four forces soccer uses?

The game uses power, speed, good sportsmanship, and hard work. And don't forget energy!!

What soccer shoes does robben use?

ARJEN ROBBEN uses nikes yellow t90 lasers.

Is soccer am some sort of sport?

Soccer is a sport that uses a single ball. there are 11 players per team on the fieald at one time, and the point is to kick the ball into the opposing teams net. Soccer AM however is a UK based talk show that has comedy surrounding soccer.