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The game uses power, speed, good sportsmanship, and hard work. And don't forget energy!!

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Q: What are four forces soccer uses?
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Who uses a soccer ball?

soccer players!

What are the four forces?

the four forces are;gravityfrictionair-resistance andpush

Where are there forces in soccer?

The forces in soccer occur when someone kicks the ball. When you kick the ball the forces that occur on the ball cause it to change shape, change speed, curve and slow down.

What are the uses of forces?

To be forceful.

Compare and contrast basketball and soccer?

compare- use balls,contrast- soccer uses feet basketball uses hands

What is uses of soccer?

I think you mean 'what is the use of soccer' and I would say... fitness :)

How are unbalanced and balanced forces a part of Soccer?


What sport uses a goalkeeper?

Soccer, hockey,

What forces build new island?

the four forces

Are the forces of kicking a soccer ball balanced or unbalanced?


What is the uses in soccer?

There's really no uses it's just for the fun. It's a game

What are sports that uses hamstrings?

basketball, football ,soccer

What is it called when a soccer player uses their forehead?

a header

What sports uses a right wing?

Soccer and hockey

Which sport uses creatine most often?


What about a sport that uses a ball identify four examples from that sport in which an object is in projectile motion?

4 possible answers are: baseball/softball tennis football soccer

What are four uses for pastries?

what are the uses of pastry?

Big name in soccer with four letters that ends in le?

A big name in soccer with four letters that ends in le is Pele.

Is there a roller coaster that uses all forces?


Why are all forces in the universe the same?

They aren't. There are four fundamental forces: Gravity, electromagenetism, strong and weak. These four forces were united at the beginning of the universe.

What are the four forces of change in industrialism?

There aren't four forces of change for 'industrialism' but there are four forces of change. one being industrialism. another, democratic ideals. another, communication. and last. nationalism.

What are four Mexican soccer leagues?


What are the four ways a plant uses Glucose?

What are the four ways a plant uses Glucose?

Identify the action and reaction forces when you kick a soccer ball?


Which forces are used in soccer?

Balance Air resistance Gravity Friction