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He currently has an 18-0 streak on WrestleMania.

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Q: What is the undertakers record in the WWE?
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What is the undertakers win loss record in the WWE?

more wins than losses

How can you purchase the undertakers urn from WWE?

no you can not

Who is WWE undertakers attacker?


Where is the undertakers mom?

There has never been a mention of The Undertakers mother on WWE television.

What is WWE undertakers annual salary?

$ 1,000,000

What is the WWE wrestler the undertakers real name?

Mark Caloway

What does WWE undertakers real brother look like?

an alien....

Is WWE Kane really the undertakers brother?

No, they are in no way related.

Who is the undertakers dad?

in wwe they say that his father(and kane's) is paul bearer

Undertaker has a halfbrother in WWE who?

Kane is Undertakers storyline half-brother.

Does The WWE undertakers Father still alive?

yes it is Paul Bearer

Who is undertakers wife in real life?

WWE Diva Michelle McCool

What is undertakers win loss record?


What is the undertakers record at wrestle mania?


Are Kane and and the undertaker twin wwe?

Kane is undertakers little brother in wwe but off-set they are not even related

What is The Undertaker27s real name?

i have been dieing to answer what the undertakers real name is from wwe

What happens when undertakers streak is broken?

that is really easy the wwe will never let undertakers streak be broken he is just going to retire with it still intact

Who was the person closest to ending the undertakers record?

Shawn michaels

How do you get hornswaggle to be playable in WWE 2009?

i think u have to bet undertakers r2wm career

What is WWE undertakers greatest match?

casket matches no it's really "HELL IN A CELL"

What is the strongest finishes in WWE?

either the undertakers tombstone piledriver or the bigshow's knockout punch

Whats WWE's undertakers address so you can send a letter to him?

208 7th Street East

Does the Undertakers wife come with him to WWE?

i would assume so as he is married to Michelle Leigh MCcool

What are the names of WWE superstar The undertakers children?

Gunner and Gracie and I cant remember the other one

What is the undertakers win loss record?

one time against jeff hady