Are Kane and and the undertaker twin wwe?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Kane is undertakers little brother in wwe but off-set they are not even related

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Q: Are Kane and and the undertaker twin wwe?
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Who are the brothers of WWE undertaker?


Did undertaker and Kane kill there mom?

no the Undertaker and Kane are not even real bros its just for WWE

Who join WWE the longest?

Kane and the undertaker

What can WWE Kane love?


Does WWE undertaker and Kane have the same mom and dad?


Did Kane's and Undertaker's moms die in a fire when they where children?

Not really, its just part of the WWE storyline where Kane and Undertaker are rivals.

Who is the son of undertaker?

The Undertaker doesn't have son, although his Kayfabe brother in the WWE is Kane.

Who is bettter Kane of undertaker?

Given their WWE careers I think it is safe to say the answer is The Undertaker

Why was WWE superstar Kane was so mad ever since undertaker got hurt?

The Undertaker and Kane were really close friends.

Who is the scariest WWE superstar?

The Undertaker and Kane Brothers of Destruction

Is undertaker and Kane from WWE are brother?

Theyare half brothers

Why are Kane and undertaker rivals?

They rival because of the storyline in WWE.