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Hopper or Loader

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Q: What is the top thing in a paintball gun that holds the paintballs called?
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Do you need a cartridge for a paintball gun?

It actually will depend on the paintball gun you have. Typical markers do not need a cartridge, but a hopper (the thing on the top of the gun to feed in paintballs). Markers like the Tippmann TPX and the Kingmann Chaser and Eraser definitely need cartridge to hold the paintballs sense they are pistols.

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What is EYE on spyder paintball guns?

the eye is not specific to a is in all decent guns. it is a infra-red light that is in the chamber where the paintball is ready to fire, it senses when it's beam has been broken and it only allows the gun to shoot when the ball is all the way in the gun...this makes chopping paintballs a thing of the past.

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There is no such thing as high voltage paintball guns.

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No, paintball is a long way off from being in the Olympics, while it is played almost everywhere the thing that really holds it back is that there is not a universally set of endorsed rules, depending on where you are the rules are different and a unified set of rules is a requirement for a sport to make it into the Olympics

Which discount stores sell the cheapest paint balls?

The best thing to do when trying to find cheap paintballs is to search around the internet. There are good websites out there that offer cheap paintballs including

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well the first thing is he should be wearing a paintball mask

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The best thing to do would be to take him to an established paintball facility, where there are referees and older players.

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