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when you punch my mom, she will not like you

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Q: What is the time frame for hitting a GOLF shot?
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Second chance for first shot in Golf?

A second chance at your first shot in golf is referred to as a "mulligan". Of course, it is not within the Rules of Golf, but weekend players do it all the time.

When were golf clubs invented?

People have been hitting balls with sticks for a long time. When that activity turned into what would be called 'golf' in the 1400s in Scotland, the evolution of the golf club and golf club history began.

In a golf game if a golfer hits a ball and it lands on the fairway is he allowed to pick the ball up and put it on a tee?

No, the only time you are allowed to place the ball on a tee is when you are in the designated teeing ground hitting what is determined as the tee shot.

What is the time frame after a cut for a tetanus shot to be effective?

72 hours, sooner the better

You accidentally shot videos with night vision on is there a way to put colors on the videos?

No. Once the video has been shot, there is no changing the colours. Unless you want to edit it frame by frame, which is hard and time consuming which often takes a professional.

How are angles used in golf?

the angles are used in golf are for you to hit the ball with the proper stance. Angles are used in golf every time you approach to hit the ball. With any type of shot you use, the same stance will be applied.

What do you call a missing golf accessory- joke?

This is an all time favorite joke for regular golfers. The answer to this question is "ABSENTEE". A Golf tee is used to place the ball on before aiming and taking the shot.

How many people have shot a round of golf 59?

the answer is 5. as of today (7/8/2010) when a 59 was recorded for the 5th time.

How often do you get depo provera?

About every 12 weeks. Normally your doctor will give you a time frame for your next shot. I hope this helped

At what time during the game do you get a third throw in bowling?

In the 10th frame you may get a third chance. If when starting the frame you bowl a strike, you get a second shot, if on your second shot you get another strike you get a third chance. BUT only two strikes in a row to begin the 10th fram will give you a chance to roll the ball for a third time.

Why you have drive shot in badminton?

Drive is a fast and flat shot, your opponent has to be alert in order to return it. By hitting drive(as it is fast) your opponent has lesser time to react hence working to your advantage, helping you to gain points

How can you stop a golf slice?

I'm 14 and a couple of months ago i was hitting the ball right all the time. The problem for me was i was playing my shot like i would a full swing of a putter, i was trying to go through at it like a perfect straight line. However if you want to hit it straight you have to hit the ball using an ark shape. I was hitting mid 90's before and know im hitting mid 80's just thanks to coming round the ball. Hope it works for you too :)

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