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clay, grass, and sand

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Q: What is the three surfaces tennisis played on?
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Tennisis to court as boxing is to?


How many plane surfaces are there in a cylinder?

there are three plane surfaces of cylinder

What are three ways friction can be removed?

By smoothing the surfaces, lubricating the surfaces, inserting ball bearing or their equivalents between the surfaces.

Can three surfaces create friction?

Yes, anything from 2 surfaces creates friction.

What competition surfaces are played on in field hockey?

There are three surfaces are used in field hockey: 1. Mud surface. 2. Grassy groun. 3. Afterterf (santhetic)

What solid shape has three surfaces?

A cylinder

How many faces vertices edges and round surfaces does a cylinder have?

A cylinder has three faces and two round surfaces.

How many different cutting surfaces do the box graters have?

Box graters have four different cutting surfaces. Three grating surfaces and one slicing surface are standard.

What is a the three-dimensional object with flat surfaces?

A polyhedron.

What is a three dimensional shape with flat surfaces?

triangular pyramid

How many surfaces on a cylinder?

Three: top, bottom, and middle

What solid has three surfaces?

A wedge from a spheroid is one example.

What two structures do frogs use for gas exchange?

Frogs uses respiratory surfaces which totals to three to exchange gases on its surroundings. The three respiratory surfaces are the skin, its lungs, and the lining of their mouth.

How many surfaces does a noun have?

Surfaces, noun, hmm. A noun thought or spoken has no surfaces; a noun on a page (printed or virtual) has one surface, the 'surface' that can be seen; a three dimensional noun, such as a sign or an art form can have as many surfaces as the letters of the noun or the artist endows it, an unknown number of surfaces.

What does Hendecahedron mean?

It is a three-dimensional figure with eleven plane surfaces.

How many surfaces has a triangular prism have?

Three sides (plus ends).

What objects have curved surfaces?

A cone, cylinder and a sphere are three examples.

What type of surface is roller hockey played on?

Roller hockey can be played on dry and smooth surfaces, like asphalt or concrete. There are, however, companies that produce special surfaces for this purpose, such as IceCourt or Flex Court.

What kind of surfaces can boxing be played on?

well it has to be square flat surface

What type of surfaces are used in the Grand Slams Tournaments of Tennis?

Three types of surfaces are used in Grand Slams Tennis - Grass, Clay and Concrete(hard).

What is the area of all the surfaces of a three dimensional figure?

It is the sum of the area of all the surfaces. There is no single formula - it will depend on the shape.

What are three-dimensional shape with flat surfaces that are polygons?

Polyhedron (plural polyhedra)

What three-dimensional figure with curved surfaces has a pair of parallel bases?

a cylinder

What are the three main surfaces of the moon?

As the Moon is a globe, it has only one surface.

The sum of the areas of the face or surfaces of a three dimensional figure?

The answer is surface area.

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