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Q: Tennisis to court as boxing is to?
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What is the three surfaces tennisis played on?

clay, grass, and sand

Tennis is to court as boxing is to?

The analogy is asking to compare tennis to a court. To figure out the analogy, we must first figure out the relationship between tennis and court. Tennis is a sport played on a court. Boxing is a sport/activity done inside a boxing ring. The correct ending to the analogy would be ring. Tennis is to court as boxing is to ring. Tennis is played on a court. Boxing is done in a ring.

What sports are played on a court or field?

court: squash, volleyball, badminton, ball hockey, basketball, dodgeball, boxing, wrestling, dancing, gymnastics, handball, tennis field: soccer, baseball, football, archery, etc...

Which game has arena of 20 feet square?


What sport has the most movies made about it?


Is there boxing on the Wii fit?

there isn't boxing there is rythm boxing. there is boxing on wii sports though

What are the Types of Boxing?

Kick BoxingShadow BoxingTORP Boxing (it's a Harlem boxing form that is like kickboxing)Amateur boxingProfessional boxingAncient BoxingZui Quan (drunk boxing)

Where are some good boxing clubs in Edmonton?

West Edmonton Knights Boxing Club, The Avenue Boxing Club, Cougar Boxing Club, Panther Gym Boxing Club, Wind Warriors Boxing Club, Main Event Boxing Club

What is the difference between olympic boxing and professional boxing?

in Olympic boxing you were a head guard in professional boxing you dont

Where did boxing com from?

GREECE (ancient boxing) England (modern boxing)

A foil is to fencing as a is to boxing?

A foil is to fencing as a boxing glove is to boxing.

Does have news about boxing? offers people boxing news, boxing insider information, boxing results, streaming video, boxing schedules and a very large online forum.

Where one can find boxing gyms in Pasadena?

There are quite a few boxing gyms in the Pasadena area. Two highly rated boxing gyms include Gaucho's Boxing Club, and Pasadena Boxing Academy. Gold's Gym also features boxing classes.

What is more dangerous kickboxing or boxing?

Kick boxing due to the fact that it is boxing with kicking added, so it is everything boxing is with added features.

What is a good boxing gym in Houston?

Go to and to "boxing"/ then Search: Boxing Gyms.

Why is boxing different from other sports?

Because in boxing you have gloves and Boxing is more aggressive.

a sport in which two people flight each other?

boxing MMA Wrestling hockey kickboxing karate ju jitzu

Are there cheats in Wii sports and Wii play?

yes there is beat Matt on boxing to get silver or gold glove and there is hold on to to 1 and 2 after you select your Mii and you will get a blue practise court

What is the difference between boxing and kick boxing?

boxing use hands. Kick use both.

Can you teach me the rules of boxing?

Check the related link "Rules of Boxing" for some of the rules of boxing.

Did Nelson Mandela enjoy boxing?

he enjoyed the science of boxing, not the violence. but yes, he did enjoy boxing

Who receives the boxing belts from boxing?

The champion from each weight class in each boxing organization.

Where to find amateur boxing records for Florida? has a amateur boxing records database.

Where is boxing played?

In a boxing ring..

Do you get boxing gloves in boxing?