What is the third strike drop rule?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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it is where if the catcher drops the third strike pitched then the batter can run to first base.

HOpe this helps :)

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Q: What is the third strike drop rule?
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What happens if there is one out and a runner on first with the dropped third strike rule?

The drop third strike rule only applies when there is no runner on first base. In this case nothing would happen but the batter would be out.

What happens when there is strike out and pass ball with two outs?

The drop third strike rule is in effect. Whenever there is a strikeout and the ball is not caught cleanly or bounces in, this rule is in effect EXCEPT when 1st base is occupied. With 2 out, the rule is always in effect.

Why is a catcher missing a third strike not an out?

Plain and simple: it just isn't in baseball rules. It has existed at least since 1845. There is no more logic or reasoning to that rule than there is for the rule requiring nine innings instead of thirteen. It's just the rule. Catcher can drop the ball on a third strike, if firstbase is occupied.!!

Can you run on a dropped third strike with the base occupied and two outs?

Yes, there is no uncaught third strike rule when there are two outs. Additionally, there is no infield fly rule when there are two outs. Both the uncaught third strike rule and infield fly rule are only in effect when there are zero or one outs.

Does it matter if the batter swings or not on the dropped third strike rule?


What is the most strikeouts possible in one MLB inning?

Infinitely many, since the catcher could theoretically drop third strike after third strike.

When will the Illuminati strike?

As they are no longer in existence the union decided to drop them from a list of members. Hence they will not strike or even go on work to rule.

Why can a hitter run to first base on a strike 3 when the catcher drops the ball?

A hitter can only run to first if the catcher drops the third strike. Because of the dropped third strike rule.

If a batter bunts a third strike foul and the ball is not caught is it an out?

Yes. Rule 6.05(d) of the MLB Rulebook states that a batter is out if "He bunts foul on third strike".

What is a rule in baseball?

in a dropped third strike you can still make it to first if you get there before the ball does

Is it possible to strike out but still get to first base?

In Major League Baseball, yes. There is a rule called the 'Uncaught Third Strike' rule. This rule states that if the catcher does not cleanly catch the pitched ball that results in a third strike, the batter may run to first base as if the ball were hit. If the batter reaches first base before the ball, the batter is awarded the base.

In softball what is the rule for drop 3rd strike?

First of all, I'm assuming you are referring to fast pitch softball. the rule is that the batter is automatically out with a third strike ball is not caught by the catcher AND when first base is occupied AND there are less than two outs. The runners are not forced to advance but they can run at their own risk. If they do choose to run, a tag is required since this is not a force play. If the catcher drops the third strike, the batter can run to first base. But, the catcher can throw to first and get them out. This rule does not apply if there is a runner on first already, the batter just gets out.